Letter writing composes my soul like nothing else. Not email; I mean the kind of letters you put inside an envelope and hand over to the nice man at the post office a piece of your heart.

One of my dearest possessions at the moment is a sealing wax kit. You know the kind: you light the candle and let it drip onto the back of your envelope, then press the blob of wax with a metal seal that bears your something meaningful to you.  I remember walking into my grandparents office and seeing their wax sealing kit… there is something about ritualising writing that helps me to treasure it.

Of course, first you need to write the letter. I’m down to the small handful of friends/family with whom I correspond this way. And I wonder…. Do you still write letters to someone?
It’s never too late to begging such correspondence… Remember that handwritten letters never get out of style!


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    Johnb591 Reply 12/09/2015 at 10:23 AM

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