Will My Mum Survive on a Wicked Roadtrip?


Will my mum survive to be in a wicked van?

We put it to test. Would a wicked van be suitable for all the ages, or only teenage punks would survive on a wicked road trip?

And what a test taking your own mum on an iconic wicked van to the very far north of Queensland…


Picking up the van I had my fingers crossed to don’t get one with a too sexy paint job.! All good… paint job not too wild,  a large bed for vikings, a sweat esky and cooking equipment – it seemed that we were ready for a road trip from Cairns to Cape Tribulation.


And the best news is that as each van design is unique, I don’t think will have any problem looking for our van in a crowded car park.
Mum believes in the experience, staying cool and try to not panic! Hopefully that’s all she needs to survive on a wicked van…


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