Wildlife spectacle in the South Pacific Ocean


We all like the ocean and the beauty of the marine environment. During Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race, team Vestas 11th Hour Racing got the chance to observe a whale (very likely a so-called Sei Whale) and a shark at the moment of feeding around a big pod of fish. The wildlife spectacle was captured with a drone piloted by the team’s on-board reporter Amory Ross, as they were sailing 60 nautical miles off the Solomon Islands archipelago located some 2000 kilometres northeast of Australia. The unique footage is being shared around the world since its release earlier this month.

Wildlife volvo ocean race

In fact, such a marine wildlife sighting on high seas is very rare and shows that the Volvo Ocean Race is much more than a sailing event. As the seven teams sail to the most remote places on earth, they get the opportunity to film and see marine animals in their natural habitat from up close, thus helping researchers and marine biologists in collecting data and showing people all around the globe the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

whales volvo ocean race

Simon Fisher, navigator onboard Vestas 11th Hour Racing confirmed in an interview: “It’s one of these really nice moments when you’re reminded of how lucky we are to be out here, out in nature and enjoying it […]. These are the things you only really see when you’re out here in the middle of the ocean.” On top of that, this team competing in the Volvo Ocean Race intends to spread a strong message of sustainability, and wants to raise the people’s awareness for cleaner oceans, a healthier natural environment as well as an improvement of the carbon footprint.

volvo ocean race

In the end, the spectacular drone footage does not only show the beauty of marine life, but does also remind us of the importance to reduce our environmental impact and preserve nature, so that future generations can experience and appreciate planet earth with all its natural wonders as we can today.

Have a look at the drone footage here.

Yannick has been sailing since childhood and has already logged many many nautical miles on board various types of boats: Dinghies, monohulls, catamarans, performance offshore racers. He is the sailing expert and collaborator for the blog.

All photos for this blog post were from Amory Ross / OBR LEG 4, VOR

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