Why you should consider Australia for your next trip



Don’t be one of those people who are oblivious. Sure, not knowing where you are headed and spoiling the surprise is surely a thing to consider but not when you’re looking at things maturely. If you’re one of those people who prefer knowing the environment they’re going to be in, you should definitely know about Australia before you get there. Because chances are, you might not be aware of what goes on there. Apart from some of the world’s biggest life forms that exist in that part of the planet, there are lots of other norms and traditions and facts about Australia that can really affect your perception. Besides, knowing is safer than not knowing.


Top Facts about Australia

Australia is not only a whole different continent; it is inhabited by people of their own specific culture. Since we’re not expecting them to turn around and be what we want them to be, we should know about them as a people first.

First thing’s first. Not a lot of people may know this but Australians are very friendly and they are always going up for barbeques and parties. It’s very important that you understand the specific cultures you should follow here. Like never showing up empty-handed. That means you’re not appreciating the offer of friendship and love proposed by the people. Even if it’s a simple vegetable salad that you can bring, do so. It’s better than getting there empty-handed.

The language is somewhat important to pay attention to. Although it’s supposed to be English, the accent of the localities and the cultural slangs and verbal anecdotes are vastly different. It can help to be receptive for a while before you start getting comfortable talking to them. Not that they won’t understand you, but for purposes such as showing respect and love for their culture and tradition, this is encouraged.

The weather is extremely important to be aware of. You’re not in any other part of the world but in Australia. This is one of the hottest parts of the world supporting all kinds of life. From Hobart to Darwin, you can expect Australia to be hosting different types of summer in all of its cities. Sure, all of them are hot enough for you to be wearing sunblock all the time but know which ones to be out in the middle of the day in.

Australia is expensive. In terms of leisure, it is very comfortable but at a cost. Smoking is one such habit that can’t be sustained there. With a recent legislation being passed that makes a pack of cigarettes cost at least $40, you’re guaranteed to have a hard time continuing the habit there. But that’s not all. Australia is not really a place that’s known for being connected to the rest of the world. You can expect internet interference all the time. No wonder people who go to Australia remain unheard of till they come back.

With a few more rules that you should be aware of, like the road to go on is the left one, and the money is estimated to the nearest five cents, you should be able to have a fine time hanging in Australia. Some more information about the continent’s people can be extended to the sports and sub-cultures they’re into. Like the preference of AFL and Rugby over Football can be a really important piece of information to know before engaging in a conversation. Bike riding is very famous in Australia, so make sure to have yourself motorcycle clothing and cheap motorcycle jackets to save money and yourself from the atmosphere.



Australia is really a continent worthy of attention. The natural reserves it has are habitats to some of the most endangered and rare species of animal and plant kingdoms. It is a treasure to be able to witness it physically. So, do it right!

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