Why Adventures on the Water Are Totally Worth It


If you’ve never ventured out onto the water, you’re truly missing out. The sense of adventure and the different way that it feels is life changing. On the water, you can finally feel free.

Here are a few examples of water-based activities you can enjoy participating in.



Snorkeling is totally different from scuba diving which some people find a scary prospect. Instead of using a pressurized tank to breath underwater, you have a rubberized snorkel. It fits into your mouth and you can move it around until it sits comfortably. The long, attached tube allows you to place your face level with the water so you’re looking down into the sea or lake, while the tube points high above the water’s surface allowing you to breathe. The face mask prevents water getting into your eyes and so you can see underwater which is fun to do.

Breathing is easy and controlled when snorkeling without the tank or other apparatus needed. If you wish to, you can get some fins to put on your feet. These let you move your legs up and down and move through the water more smoothly than you could otherwise.

Paddle Boarding

The prospect of going surfing isn’t for everyone. However, paddle boarding is much easier. It’s designed for use in calm waters that don’t have any waves at all. The board is used on lakes and other bodies of water where there’s open space to push the board out, climb onto it and then stand up. Using the paddle, you can then paddle through the water quickly or slowly.

It’s also possible to straddle the paddle board with your legs dangling into the water on either side and paddle along happily like that if you prefer that position. Many beginners from Just Paddleboard actually prefer the sit and paddle position at first and graduate to a stand and paddle position later. In between paddling, you can sit (or stand) and enjoy the views surrounding you. It’s far more enjoyable and sedate than you would imagine.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting by riding in a kayak, a raft or another water transport gets the heart racing a little bit. Organized trips have experienced people who have years of experience on the water and are strong swimmers to guide and protect you.

Along with wearing protective gear, you can choose the rapid rating level when selecting your trip. Different rivers have their own rapid speed rating which is partly inherent in the waters there and the season too. Therefore, choosing a basic rafting trip with gentler rapids is a good way to break into white water rafting while taking the nervousness out of the experience.

There are many ways to enjoy being in the water. Trips to lakes are popular with families typically because the waters are calm, there’s a range of enjoyable activities to partake in, and other people to socialize with while there. Even if you have a fear of the water or cannot swim, it’s worth giving it a try. If you can take swimming lessons before you travel, to both learn and get over a fear of being in the water, a trip will be more fun.

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