Whitehaven Beach – Natural Beauty


Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Beach-blessed and beach-mad Australia has almost as much land that’s tropical as temperate, ensuring that even in winter there are coastlines that blaze with sunshine.

Setting up base in Airlie Beach on the mainland, we headed out to the Whitsunday Islands, a spectacular group of 74 islands and discovered Whitehaven Beach. This is a picture perfect paradise that’s been voted the number one beach in the world. This is an experience not to be missed with a stretch of 7km of pristine silica sand as bright as a magnesium flare flanked by sparkling and calm turquoise water.

Love being up here!!!

You realise why this is a UNESCO Heritage listed slice of Aussie paradise when you take in the view, or better still walk along the beach…

The sandy beaches are unbelievable. It is just so pure- you can even shine up your jewellery. I was informed by our Captain that it is so high in Silica it is technically not sand. Even NASA have appreciated this island requesting the sand to make the finest of their telescopic lenses.
For the best views on the island, head up to the lookout in the national park to see ‘Hill Inlet’ – a beautiful cove that creates swirling patterns with the white sand and turquoise water as the tide shifts.When you rich the top of Hill Inlet lookout suddenly all the praise for the beach makes sense.
So is Whitehaven truly Australia’s best beach? It’s impossible to say. It’s certainly beautiful and unique.

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