Where In The World: Best Locations For a Holiday Home


If you’re lucky enough to have money sitting in the bank and want to know the best ways to make use of it, a holiday home is a fantastic investment. Not only is this something that you can use to get away for however many weeks or months out of the year you want, but the rest of the time you can rent it out and boost your income massively. Ideally, you will choose a home in a location that you love, but that also does well with tourists. Here are just a few ideas for investing in a holiday home.



Spain is a safe bet, the properties are cheap, the weather is beautiful, and it’s popular with tourists. You could look in Catalonia in north-east Spain, this area is known for its stunning Costa Brava beach resorts, you have views of the the Pyrenees mountains, and an interesting bonus is that it was once home to the world famous artist Salvador Dali. Alternatively, you could go with the bustling capital city Barcelona, here you have excellent nightlife and shopping opportunities nearby. In any city, the property prices will be more expensive although when it comes to renting it out, it will be incredibly easy. You could invest in a small apartment giving you a fantastic base for exploring the city and a cash cow that’s likely to earn you money all year round- even in the off season.



Bora Bora

This island in French Polynesia is known as ‘the Jewel of the South Seas.’ This is a location that could be considered as heaven on earth, if you want to wake up to paradise, then a holiday home in Bora Bora would be a good choice. There’s something for adventurers and something for those looking to relax- white sands, blue skies and turquoise waters the perfect idyllic destination. An oceanfront bungalow would be a beautiful place to come and relax each summer, and you’d have no problem renting to tourists either.



Your first thought will probably be the big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. But you then also have the whole of the Gold Coast, sites like Elite Holiday Homes offer affordable properties in this location so it could be worth a look if you’re looking to invest. Australia has incredible weather and the huge contrasts between the remote outback and the bustling cities, so the ideal location to invest in.



The south of France particularly is a popular tourist location. And with stunning cities like Toulouse, Nice and Marseille it’s no wonder. Outside of the city you will get more for your money but may struggle more when it comes to renting. Alternatively, you could go for somewhere like Monaco, it’s not part of France (it’s actually a country in itself- the smallest in the world!) but incredibly luxurious. From world famous attractions like Formula 1, the Monte Carlo Casino and Port de Monaco there’s plenty to do and see.

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