20 minutes from Iluka and you are in YAMBA and ANGOURIE… We stopped the car and I got this strange feeling that one day Paul and I are going to live in Yamba.. What a great spot.. You get even a better feeling than being in Byron Bay.. and there just little tourist.. you can’t get better!!!
Angourie was the first gazetted National Surfing Reserve in NSW. Is legendary amongst surfing community for its superb breaks and natural beauty!!
I was scared!!! Actually I was freaking out!!! I had a look and even it wasn’t monster waves they were breaking hard… from the top you could see the perfect lines in the ocean … peeling perfectly..but once at the beach!!! AHHHHH I didn’t want to go!!
Besides that everyone in the water were surfing in such a awesome way!!! I was soooo scared… Paul said I needed to go.. it was my birthday.. (I was almost crying…)
Anyway, we put some wax and … I paddled has hard as I could just to get ut there.. Cooll I was on the outside!!!! I spent 50 minutes in the water and didn’t catch a waves I paddled for a few (not really hard,,) but didn’t catch any.. I kept thinking that at leat I had paddled out…
Paul had awesome time out there!!
After lunch we went for our 2nd session…again I didn’t want to go!!! But I went nd I caught the most AMAZING WAVES EVER!!!!!! WOOOHHOOOO… Paul said he wasn’t recognizing me.. I was paddling for any wave..big or small with no fear and carving!!! ( and there were olphins!)
Anyway!! anyone that is into surf and comes to australia MUST go to this place…
It’s a very special and soulful location worthy of deep respect 🙂


  1. Comment by Maria

    Maria Reply 01/02/2011 at 8:46 AM

    Gajaaaaaaaaaa!!! Isto é demais!! Que inveja tão grande, que momentos fantásticos e que paisagens tão bonitas!.. É bom saber que estás a viver esse grande sonho e é com garnde alegria que vos vejo tão felizes! Adoro a foto em que estás a morder as mão, nem precisas de dizer mais nada!! Adoro o teu blog, levas me todas as manhas a lugares explêndidos, repletos de natureza e curiosidade! Quem sabe se um dia te vou visitar (adorava)!!! Mais um grande grande GRANDE BEIJINHO de parabens!

  2. Comment by Helena

    Helena Reply 01/02/2011 at 11:21 AM

    É impressionante a boa energia que passas. Um oásis no deserto este teu blog. Um bálsamo para a alma e para os sentidos

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