The weekend before my birthday!! AHHHHH I’m turning 28!! couldn’t believe.. I didn’t want to have a part.. I wanted to do something else.. Paul organised a surprise weekend- we had 3 days off!! and… We went camping… and If you know me you know how much I love camping.. Was the prefect birthday!!! We packed our car wit all the camping, surfing and fishing gear.. and hit the road.. Without any idea where we were going!!!

I realised that we were going south of Kingscliff… after 2 hours in the car Paul stopped the car – just to revive!!! We were in New Italy.. a small community fully Italian.. that’s rigth in the middle of nowhere the Italians settled and established their own community there.. (click here to know more about it..)Anyway.. We stopped and had a GREAT cappucinno for breakfast.. yummy.. The weekend was starting in a great way!!

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