I was stoked with the landscape!! rainforest and beach!! What a perfect combination..
There were no waves.. we went for a walk along the beach.. and as usual all our small walks ended up being massive ones!! We walked for ours.. We started at the beach where we were camping.. beautiful sand… no wind .. but when we cross the headlend to the other side.. winnnnnndddddddddddd!!! bloody hell!!! that was wind… we kept alking along the next beach .. we could feel the sun burning us!!! luckly we found a hut.. there we could appreciate the view on a nice shade area and “try ” to take some photos 🙂
Kept walking and we found rock pools in the beach!!! and with the waves crashing on them.. a constant splash was made 🙂
we decided to explore a bit of the rainforest and the Goannas scared the hell out of meeeeeee.. serious.. [they would cross the path in front of us!! (I tryed but could get any photos..)

AFter a couple of hours on our journey we were starving!!! all the way back to the tent we were just tlkig about FOOD!!!

It was driving me insane!!!!
Anyway.., Paul cooked the most beautiful meal in a really romantic site 🙂
UAU eating tuna pasta with cherry tomatos ans nuts.. (yummy) on the beach is something…

we went inside the tent and the rain came… (rain rain go away .. come back another day!)

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  1. Comment by mdsol

    mdsol Reply 21/02/2011 at 12:10 AM

    Estive uns dias afastada, mas já recuperei a leitura. É um gosto acompanhar-te/vos.


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