What To Eat In Oz: A Foodie’s Guide To Australia


Australia is a land famed for its wondrous national parks, diverse wildlife, and laid-back lifestyle, but it also has a lot to offer for foodies. If you love food, and you’re interested in indulging your taste buds on a culinary tour Down Under, here’s what you need to eat in Oz.


The infamous Aussie barbecue

No trip to Australia is complete without experiencing a traditional barbecue. You’ll find that almost every household has an impressive outdoor grill and local restaurants and bars offer public feasts on a regular basis, especially in the summer months. Parks and public spaces are also well-equipped if you fancy taking your own supplies and enjoying an alfresco gathering. A barbecue in Australia is not just about putting a few sausages, or snags, and burgers on the grill. There’s a huge range of dishes on offer, and great care is taken with marinating the meat beforehand. You’ll find all kinds of meat, fish, and seafood on the pass, as well as a choice of hearty sides.



Sweets and desserts

You may automatically conjure up images of savoury feasts when you think about the land of Oz, but don’t get back on that plane until you’ve taken a trip to a traditional cake shop. Pastries are big business here, and cafe culture is all the rage, especially in the city suburbs. You can find everything from beautifully crafted miniature cakes to traditional favourites like Anzac biscuits and the lamington, which is fondly referred to as the national cake of Australia. Eating pavlova is also a must in Australia. The origins of this popular pudding are a source of great debate between Australians and Kiwis, with both countries claiming to be behind the invention of the dessert in the 1920’s.

lamingtons australia

Weird and wonderful meats

Australia offers a huge selection of meats, and you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re a meat lover. Here, you’ll find beef, pork, and lamb, but you can also try delicacies like crocodile, emu, kangaroo, and ostrich. You’ll find a diverse range of meats on offer in supermarkets, as well as restaurants and bars, so don’t be afraid to test the waters and try something new. Crocodile is often likened to chicken while kangaroo is very tender and it is often compared to beef cuts.


It’s no surprise that a land that boasts more than 25,000 kilometres of coastline offers some of the finest seafood on planet Earth. From fresh barramundi and John Dory fillets to the lunchtime favourites of prawn cocktail, crab sticks, and calamari, you won’t struggle to find the catch of the day on your travels. The best seafood restaurants tend to be located on the waterfront, as you’d expect, and you get the added bonus of lunch or dinner with a view.

eat seafood australia

If you’re planning a holiday in Australia, don’t dedicate all your time to action-packed adventures and sightseeing. Leave time to explore the cuisine, sample some traditional dishes and local favourites and get involved in an old-fashioned Aussie barbecue.

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