What Makes Hong Kong the Top Travel Destination in the World?


Asia is ranked the leading tourist continent destination with Hong Kong being the top-ranked city destination in the world nine years in a row. This is due to the strategic positioning of Hong Kong and its successful relationship with the mainland. However, this may be short-lived with the strained relationships caused by tensions between its residents and the Chinese ruling party that have already caused a dip in the tourist numbers in 2017. Hong Kong’s success has been highly dependent on its close proximity to China. It has frequently received Chinese travellers who have disposable incomes. However, with the current tension, it has been losing attractiveness, especially to the younger Chinese travellers, getting a decline in numbers since 2015.

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Hong Kong Attractions

According to tourist2traveler.com, Hong Kong is described as the centre of the world’s finances, trade and economy. Hong Kong is an interesting destination for the ultimate traveller for it is divided into four distinct destinations for different types of travellers. Hong Kong has a sea at the Hong Kong Island for the beach lovers, the Kowloon Peninsula for the urban tourist, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands for the tourists who would like to connect with nature.


Hong Kong Island

The island is located at the southern part having the most famous sights in Hong Kong, such as The Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, numerous historical sites, large shopping centre and the mountain ranges that are famous for hiking. There are a few cultural attractions that you might want to try and there are certainly many fun destinations for the family. It takes about two days to get through Hong Kong Island’s attractions having spectacular views at the Victoria Peak and better views at night as the cityscape of Kowloon twinkles and tempts across the deep-water harbour.

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The Kowloon Peninsula

The peninsula forms the southern part of Hong Kong comprised of Chinese mainland located north of Hong Kong Island and east of the mouth of the Pearl (Zhu) River Delta. It offers visitors a thousand different fascinating destinations such as the stunning view of Port Victoria and the island of Hong Kong, and a spiritual retreat at Tin Hau temple. The legendary Peninsula hotel, Art and History museums, authentic bird market, romantic Kowloon Park, goldfish market and fortune tellers add to the list of its top attractive sites.


The New Territories

This is a region of wetlands, parks and mountains found north of Kowloon. It offers cultural and natural sites such as the ancient walled villages, wetlands full of birds and aquatic life, temples, a solid museum in Sha Tin, fabulous hiking trails, delicious seafood, attractive beaches and the UNESCO Global Geopark.


The Outlying Islands

Comprised of Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau and Peng Chau islands, they have located away from the hectic pace of the city embodying contrasts such as tradition and innovation, serenity and dynamism, and influences of East and West, that make it an alluring destination.

Peng Chau islands


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