Australia is a beautiful country with so much to offer to visitors. There’s so much to see that even Australians still find themselves wanting to experience things hidden in the unexplored crevices of this great country. It’s an incredibly vast place, and that’s an understatement. You could spend years touring the nation and you still wouldn’t have seen it all. But if there’s one state in Australia that you simply have to visit, then it’s New South Wales. Let’s talk about the things that you should see and do in this fantastic state.

Explore Sydney

It wouldn’t be a trip to New South Wales if you failed to explore Sydney. This beautiful city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia. It’s certainly the most iconic city in the country, and that’s probably a result of the stunning Sydney Opera House. Not only is it architecturally impressive; it’s also home to some fantastic theatrical performances. You should definitely try to book a ticket for a show at the Opera House whilst you’re in the city. If you thought the building was spectacular from the outside, just wait until you see it on the inside.

There are also plenty of fantastic festivals in the city throughout the year, so it might be worth doing some research to figure out if there’s a particular event you’d like to attend. That might influence the time of year at which you choose to visit Sydney. The Tropfest event is particularly popular. It’s the world’s biggest short film festival, and you could see some of the next big hits for free. Above all else, you’ll be able to watch the films in a beautiful location; the event takes place in the Royal Botanic Gardens. These gardens are worth exploring in themselves, so you might want to take a leisurely stroll through them when the festival is over too.

Visit the Blue Mountains

When you’ve had enough of Sydney (that’ll take a while because there’s so much to experience in that gargantuan city), you should visit the Blue Mountains. Located about 50km west of Sydney, these glorious mountains are absolutely breathtaking. This mountain range is the epitome of natural beauty in Australia. If you’re struggling to think of Aussie holiday ideas, then taking a road trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains should definitely be at the top of your ‘To Do’ list. The journey itself will give you the opportunity to admire some of the stunning natural sights in New South Wales, but the Blue Mountains will serve as the cherry on top of the cake. You’ll certainly see how the mountains got their name once you see them for yourself.

Sail out to Lord Howe Island

The great thing about Australia is that there are plenty of stunning islands sitting just off the coast of the country. Lord Howe Island is one of the most incredible islands in New South Wales. Surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, this island is one of the state’s true natural wonders. You should spend a day there if you really want to soak in all the sights of the island. Only a few hundred visitors can be on the island at any one time, so that’ll make the experience feel more exclusive.

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