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Let’s talk about eating…. eating out….there. Out there on the trail, or at the beach, or at the music festival, or in the back of a car as you barrel down the highway. Saying that you’re a “healthy eater” is a hell of a lot easier when you have easy access to a fridge, a fresh market or a health shop. It’s not quite as easy when the contents of your meals have to fit in the side pocket of a backpack. or when it’s pouring down rain and you need to cook lunch outside. 

Eating “out there and on the go” is something that I really enjoy. there something about the preparation around setting up the fire, utensils and food. It’s about team work and then the pleasure of sitting back and chatting and the not so fun part of having to clean up…

 The thing is If I start to get a little hangry, aka, hungry + angry, and I don’t have anything to quench that hanger, I will not have any pleasure on cooking and any other experience is probably going to not be enjoyed all that much…

  What’s an adventure if you can’t fuel it?

 Here are my five tips to eating healthy on the go:

1. Prepare. 

If it is a short trip, you can prepare your food beforehand. Lucy has a fridge so we are spoilt with options and take salads and meat on our short trips. We also love to snack and drive- saves time and stops us arguing! Packing a couple of containers of your favourite dried fruit, seeds and nuts with some bananas always helps us not go for the cheeseburger stop with fuel… Paul always reminds me- stick to only a handful of cashews because of the energy in them!

2. Drink heaps of water. 

If you travel in Australia, especially in summer, you know how warm it can be. Trust me, water containers are your friend! If you haven’t got enough, buying on the go will blow your budget. Stay hydrated while traveling and save money!

3. Bring packaged food with you. 

I am a big believer in whole foods but I am also practical about it- I believe there is a place for everything. If you’re on the run and cannot access a healthy meal, meal replacements such as protein bars and protein shakes are a good option. Just make sure you read the labels and stick to supplements that do not have high fructose corn syrup, too much saturated fat and sneaky sugars. Just because it says “protein” or “health” on the bar/shake, does NOT make it healthy.

I have been enjoying Usana bars – they are filling,  nutritious and not a gimmick dressed in fancy packaging. As my readers know, I am not an athlete, but do love being active and find protein and energy bars help me when I am active and on the road.

I don’t eat energy and protein bars all the time but there is a place for them and they are certainly very handy when you are on the road! They take up little space, are light to pack and solve the hunger and energy needs when there are fewer practical options…

 4. Don’t skip meals.

When you’re traveling or bouncing around from meeting to meeting, it’s easy to skip a meal. This leaves your body starved for food and can easily cause you to binge at a later time. If you eat every two to three hours, you are less likely to make poor food choices. Not only that, but eating every two to three hours keeps your metabolism revving high.

5. Be active while you travelling. 

I have so many friends that tell me they gained weight when they went traveling. How?! Ok, yes, European food, great chocolate… But, there are so many opportunities to burn some calories sightseeing and taking on new adventures all day! Embrace these- every step, or movement, adds up and can be rewarding in so many ways when on the road.

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