Tropical Fruit World, previously known as Avocadoland, is a plantation with more than 2000 fruit trees. The rich red volcanic soil offers the right conditions to grow such a diversity of tropical fruit.

What can you do at Tropical Fruit World

There are plenty of things to do at Tropical Fruit World, you can easily spent a day here. The farm offers well designed experiences for both adults and kids: there is fruit tasting, tractor tours, boat tours, playgrounds and mini golf, and much more.

tropical fruit world

Fruit Tasting

Our day started with the opportunity to go to the fruit tasting workshop, which was awesome as I forgot Noah’s snacks! we sat inside this small shed with the eyes peeled to the counter where vibrant and colourful food was plated and ready for us to try. 

There was a small presentation about the fruit that we were about to try, regarding their health benefits and other practical uses. I found this quite fascinated to learn more about it.

I was happy to learn that you can rub banana peel on your skin to relieve mozzie bites and polish your shoes! Noah loved to find out that there’s a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding (he probably ate the all bowl of it during the presentation!). 

When it came to trial the fruit, I was amazed by the number of fruits that I haven’t ever trialed or even knew they existed. 

There was also plenty of oils and beauty products made out of these fruits for sale at the shed. 

The Tractor Tour

I just wish I had filmed Noah’s face when the tractor pulled over next to us – a massive farm tractor pulling a covered trailer with seats! 

tractor tropical fruit world

Noah quickly jump on the front seat of the trailer and listen to the guide’s information about the farm. 

Noah even mentioned: “mum I bet he surfs, drives the tractor and plays guitar too!”- the ultimate life for Noah!

The guide had so much knowledge and information to share’; the history of the farm, the different gardens, the different varieties of trees and fruits. There are over 500 varieties of mangoes alone at Tropical Fruit World, can you believe it?

tractor tour tropical fruit world

Bananas, Macadamias and Mandarins

As we spotted some bananas hanging from the tree, the tractor stopped. That was afternoon tea right there – freshly picked bananas and a bucket of macadamia nuts ready to be cracked. delicious! 

if you visit Tropical Fruit World with kids, they will love using the nut crackers or smashing them with rocks. 

The next stop, was time to pick some mandarins from the trees!

Farm Animals

Goats, cows, kangaroos, emus, donkeys and chickens they were all there on the farm ready to be fed. You can grab a bag of food for $1 which will feed all the animals.  I might just say that I’m scared of feeding some of the animals (I know ridiculous!!!!) so this was a great opportunity to keep on practice and overcoming my fears.

The Boat Ride

A safari like motorboat takes you around the treasure island. The course is absolutely gorgeous and you have a heap of ducks swimming around the boat, you may spot some eels and turtles on the banks. 

boat ride tropical fruit world

You could just see all the kids excitement for just being inside the boat – they were mesmerised by the ducks and the all scenery.

The Treasure Island

This is were all the play takes place – flying fox, mini golf, wooden structures. Perfect to have a picnic under the tall trees while the kids play around the island and engage in some imaginative play with the massive tractor and cubby houses.  

tropical fruit world

The  Shops & Cafe

The coffee shop is superb: you can seat inside on a wooden deck, surrounded by lush green plants and trees. The windows go up to the ceiling letting the light drift through. You can order light meal. But trust me try out their frozen ice creams made when you order. They are delicious!

The shops sells anything from beauty products, to pantry goods all made up from natural goods. 

I couldn’t leave without buying their chocolate sauce (made out of chocolate fruit) and a heap of tropical fruits like the jackfruit, starfruit, and custards apples. 

Going with Kids

At the time I’m writing this post, Noah is 3 years old and Finn is only 3 weeks old, so this advice is based on their age.

We took a pram and a baby bjorn for Finn. I ended up only using the baby bjorn, which i find it easier to use while hopping on and off the tractor and boat and also exploring all the other things with Noah running around. However, you can easily take a pram and put it inside the tractor and boat.

Allow plenty of time to let your kids check out the big tractor at the front. This seems to be quite a popular attractions!

Need to know

The tours run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm AEST (Qld Time). You will need to get there before 1.30 to be able to have the full experience.

If you are a local (Tweed, Gold Coast, Byron Shire resident) you will receive a discounted rate for entering Tropical Fruit World, which is half price. Kids under 4 years of age go in free. 


  1. Comment by Ghassan Baghdan

    Ghassan Baghdan Reply 30/07/2019 at 9:35 PM

    Thank you for sharing your experience. However, i would like you to share more pictures.
    After i read your post, i was very excited. You described the farm with a beautiful frases and gave us information about the fruits and animals. Otherwise how to spent amazing time with your family and kids.
    I have two questions
    1- is there any cost to access to the farm?
    2- At what time does the farm open and close?

  2. Comment by NWART CHAMOUN

    NWART CHAMOUN Reply 31/07/2019 at 9:24 PM

    I was interested when I read this blog. You gave us information and pictures about the good time you can have in the farm with your kids .if you want to spent a fun day with family. I found your description for plants and animals on the farm. used simple language we can read and there idioms mozzie, eyes peeled but adjectives colourful ,famcadamia and adverbs absolutely. I have two questions-
    1-can kids touch the animals?
    2-what benefits can you get from the plants?

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