Travelling Like a Local | 3 Essential Steps


When you set off on your travels, there are so many ways you could experience the place that you have chosen. You could make a list of all the tourist attractions waiting for your there because it will really come in handy, but do you really want to spend your trip crossing off items of a list or do you want to get a real feel of the place. If you’re interested in feeling the pace of the city you have chosen to visit, then these three steps are essential:


1| Public Transportation Is a Must

Since you’re on vacation, you may be tempted to limit all of your internal travels to cab drives, but if you want to experience the place like a local does, then you have to try the public transportation. You could get a general pass and use the time you spend traveling from one museum to another to get to know how the citizens live day by day.

Take the bus, explore the non-touristic parts of town and find out what the entire city feels like. You could also try out transportation options that are not available in your country, such as trams or the metro. Straying away from the city center will help you to get to know the city even when you have limited time to spend there.

Travelling Like a Local

2 | Explore the City One Step at a Time

Exploring the city by foot should be an important part of your plan because this will give you the proper rendition of what it feels like to live there. So, get a map and start walking because you will get to have the ultimate travel adventure.

And when you least expect it, you’re going to find some fabulous Easter eggs along the way. This could be anything from a café, a bar, a cinema, or a local lottery shop, that you simply have to try out. Put in a ticket for the EuroMillions because this could actually change your life. Getting close to the local habits will help you get the full experience.

Travelling Like a Local

3 | Ask the Locals for the Best Restaurants for Traditional Food

Trying out the traditional dishes is a must on every travel endeavor, but where you try them from is extremely important because it will define your entire experience. Our advice is to try out the locals’ favorites from the specific places that you recommend.

When it comes to local sandwiches and special snacks, dining in high-class restaurants won’t get you far. However, there is always a sandwich shop around one particular corner that serves the absolute best version of these traditional dishes and it’s your mission to find it.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to shift from tourist to a local. Just remember these three things and you might find yourself getting an intense connection with the places you visit. Experience your travel destinations from all the possible perspectives and have fun!

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