Travel Tips: How To Remedy Homesickness



International travel will expand your the horizons of your mind, heart and soul. The exposure to different people, places and customs will reveal parts of yourself you never knew existed. Though travel will provide many wonderful, novel experiences, you may experience a disbursement or loss of identity and develop a sense of homesickness. This is a common issue that many grapple with when away from home, as all the change can make you yearn for comfort and familiarity. Here are some ways you can remedy homesickness without sacrificing your travel adventure.

Transform Your Environment

Make your lodgings more cozy and personalized, so you feel “at home” wherever you are. Bring a few of your favorite household items with you on your trip, like your favorite, cozy throw blanket,or a candle with a soothing scent. Use these items whenever you feel like you need a little comfort. Also integrate local art into your Airbnb or vacation apartment. The mere act of decorating a place will instill a sense of warmth and care into your room. This will help you connect with where you are and give you a greater sense of appreciation for your location. Flowers are another interior design element that can calm and soothe, as they give the room a greater sense of life. Connect with nature and brighten your room with your favorite bloom.

Become a Local

If you have pangs of homesickness, think about what you’re specifically missing. If you feel like your social circle doesn’t compare to the one you’ve created at home, create a new one. Seek out new friends through engagement in local activities. There are a number of free events that occur throughout the year, that you can find on Time Out. If you attend events that align with your interests, it’s likely you’ll find people with whom you’ll connect. There are also many supper club groups that meet, throughout the world — like Highlands Dinner Club and Kinfolk Gatherings — that bring strangers together for a community meal. Ask around at cafes and perform an Internet search to see if there is a supper club in your area.

How To Remedy Homesickness

Disconnect from Social Media

The more you look at social media, the more you’ll be reminded of all the wonderful people and places that you’ve left behind. It is important that you focus on the present and where you currently are, so you don’t become sad and yearn for home. Steer clear from social media, and instead start a blog that will keep your family and friends updated. Your travel blog can also serve as a journal that will help you recognize all the wonderful experiences you have gathered, away from home. Make sure you take photos for your blog. Free blog templates are available at WordPress. Photography is an activity that will help you notice the beautiful moments of everyday life and will urge you to explore your new location.

Pick Up a Hobby

While you’re on your travel adventure, keep busy during your downtime with a hobby. Hobbies usually entail goal-setting, which will propel you forward and give you a sense of drive. A hobby will distract you from homesickness and keep you motivated and busy. Knitting is an activity you can do almost anywhere and is something that will help pass time when you are alone. You could also try and pick up new hobbies that are available in your area. Research on the Internet and inquire at local businesses about cooking classes, athletic teams or musical opportunities you can become involved with.

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