Travel Hacks – Renting an RV


There is no way to see more of a country than to cruise its road network, and there is no better way to do that than in an RV. For the uninitiated, an RV (or recreational vehicle) is quite literally a custom-built hotel room on wheels. Whether you call them camper vans or RVs, you are probably familiar with these car-caravan hybrids that are the quintessential touring holiday vehicle. Let’s look at some of the things you can expect when you rent an RV.

Skip the Hotel

Hotels are comfortable, spacious and featuring things that you won’t get from an RV like a spa or gym, but they come at a premium cost. Instead of allocating your vacation budget to hotels, you could use it to see even more of the sights

RVs also allow you to travel around carrying everything with you, and double up as transport. Gone is the hassle of finding the nicest or cheapest hotel, checking in and out, or packing and unpacking your travel bags. Just load everything you will need into an RV and hit the road. Travel hack – pack light!

rent an rv for travel

Size Matters

Like cars, RVs differ a lot from model to model, and you will need to consider a few things when you are looking to rent an RV

The first and most obvious of these is the size of the RV and this often comes down to either how many people are with you on your holiday and how much space you need to be comfortable. If you’re travelling with friends or children, you might consider a bigger RV than if it’s just you and your partner. 

Thankfully, RVs come in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll find RVs from the smaller truck style camper, which can comfortably sleep two or three people and are easier to drive around, to the massive larger RV that can sleep as many as seven people.

What Features Can I Expect? 

Consider what you’ll need on your trip and make sure your RV is equipped with it. Modern RVs are outfitted with many amenities that you need on your travels, and even the smaller ones contain some added luxuries thanks to clever design. 

Inside almost all RVs, you will find a freshwater toilet and shower, refrigerator, and microwave, with luxuries like air-con for those warm summer holiday days spent on the road coming standard. 

Of course, no road trip would be complete without the best cruising playlist on the stereo, so you will want to make sure your RV has one. Alongside this, in the bigger RVs, you can find generators and even space for your pets.

On your next vacation, why not do something different and ditch the stuffy hotel room and cramped airline seats in favour of the freedom that comes with an RV and see the country from the road while you and your companions sing along to the stereo in the comfort of an RV.

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