Treasure found!

If you’re eager for a bargain or just want to gawk at the masses of things on offer, try to head to your local Tip Shop.

Living up to the old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” the shop is absolutely chockers with goods salvaged from the tip face that people threw away. There’s everything: dvds, tv, toys, books, and some great pieces of furniture. It may not always be in tip top condition, but all merchandise has been cleaned, repaired, restored and priced at a huge discount.

At the Tip Shop

At the Tip Shop

I picked up two tennis rackets in great nick for $7. My friend got a lovely wicker chair for the deck. I even got excited about a good looking  surf board and some drums that were for sale.

People can mastermind incredible artwork from what was once considered junk. Those who own some tools might want to check out the outdoor section which has piles of tyres, rusty BBQs, fishing nets, even the ol’ kitchen sink!

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