Top Tips For Solo Travellers On The Trans-Siberian


Are you planning on taking a solo trip on the Trans-Siberian railway? There’s no need to be nervous about anything happening as plenty of solo travellers take this journey every year, even solo female travellers.

Below, we outline a few top tips for solo travellers.

1| Do your research

Just the same way you would for any other trip, familiarise yourself with the basic facts about the main cities you will visit, the railroad, and the countries you plan on travelling through. It’s a good idea to at least read through the Cyrillic alphabet, too, and try to learn a few letters to help you ensure the best possible experience.

Next, map out the most interesting places for you along your trip and book a few nights in those areas to make the trip easier to handle and also more interesting.


2| Plan your dietary requirements

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, for example, make sure you shop for food before boarding the train. Once you’re on the train, there is a restaurant, but the options are sometimes limited. It’s also really common to take your own food on the train and it’s all part of the fun of tailored Trans-Siberian railway tours and holidays.

Top Tips For Solo Travellers On The Trans-Siberian

3 | Questions about hygiene

If you decide to travel in a first-class coupe, you will have access to a shower. But, if you opt for the cheapest option, there won’t be a shower available to you, just a sink and toilet. That’s why you may want to stop over in a few cities along the way. 


4 | Dress accordingly

Always aim to dress appropriately and comfortably. When you’re on the train, you’ll notice that the general atmosphere is pretty relaxed, so you don’t need to dress up.  You will be able to get changed in the bathroom, so why not take your pyjamas along to make the train journey even more comfortable. But, keep in mind that you are going to be sharing space with other travellers, and extravagant pyjamas may not be the most appropriate.


5 | Interacting with others

There’s a special kind of culture on a Russian train. Overall, people do like to interact, but if you don’t, just be polite and tell your neighbour that you’d prefer to read. If you do get involved in conversation, don’t be surprised that people are very personable and chatty. After all, it’s a one-time interaction, and you’ll probably never come across these people again. People may also try to share food and drinks with you. On the train, sharing is polite. If you don’t feel like sharing – eatables or stories – stay firm and polite.

There are a few things on the Trans-Siberian that are likely to surprise you. Take with you an open mind, stay relaxed, and just enjoy your trip. Overall, remain vigilant about health and safety and you’re sure to have an incredible time travelling solo on the Trans-Siberian railway.

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