Top Packing Tips for Your Vacation


It is undeniable that one of the secrets to enjoying a great trip and vacation abroad is to know what to pack and what to leave behind. With this knowledge, you will find a lot of peace of mind since you will have all the essentials you need for a convenient stay and you will also not worry about carrying too many things which might attract luggage charges by the airline. Once you are through with renewing my passport hassles, the next task at hand is to get the packing right, and here are out vital tips to help you make the most out of it-:


Make a list

Now, this may sound obvious or a little boring, but if you want an idiot-proof way of having a stress free vacation, then you need to have a list. Depending on where you are going and what you will be doing, the list will give you a realistic view of what you ought to carry, thus reducing the chances of carrying unnecessary items and forgetting with the essential items you need for the trip.


Limit the liquids you carry

According to regulations in most airports, you cannot board the plane with liquids in more than 100ml bottles fitted in transparent bags. If you have to carry liquids in slightly larger bottles, then be sure to keep in the checked-in suitcase. But again, why would you be needing too many liquids for a trip?

Always carry the first aid kit

This is not to ask you to be fully equipped with an ER, but just the usual bag which normally contains your pills, supplements, and the medicine you are likely to need during the vacation. After all, the last thing you want it to suffer is a searing headache, a stomach upset or a high-climate fever in a foreign land and not be able to do anything about it since you did not carry you medicine bag and a prescription is needed before you can get the same drugs in your host country.


Be aware of the restriction on baggage

Baggage restrictions by airlines vary from one airline to another. If you are planning on carrying a lot of stuff for the trip, then before you begin packing your stuff, be sure to call the airline and know the limits. If you are told that the limit is 27kgs, then simply carry 27kgs, because any extra kilos you carry will be charged. Alternatively, if you are ready to pay the extra charges as well as enduring the convenience of moving with heavy luggage, then just go ahead and pack as you wish.


Remember to save space for the holiday purchase

Some people pack without considering that they may need extra space to carry whatever items they will purchase during the holiday. This is a very poor habit since it will make your return trip heavy and you also face the potential of getting charged for extra weight by the airline. To avoid all the hassles, pack wisely and leave room for the items you may purchase on your way back from the holiday.


Forget about the shoes

Shoes are the biggest and perhaps the most frustrating items to include in the bag. The number of pairs of shoes you carry should be determined by the nature of your vacation. If you are going to get involved in a lot of hiking or outdoor activities, then a pair of hiking or outdoor boots would be recommended. But if you are going to a villa in Mexico where you will spend most of the time in the beach or indoors, then you don’t need to carry any closed shoe, other than the one you will put on while traveling. Make your choice on the number and type with the activities you will be doing in mind.


Go slow on the cosmetics

It is always amazing to see people carry their entire cosmetic bags yet they usually just a couple of items in those bags on regular days. In as much as you will need the cosmetics to look great, consider just picking a few of the ones you know you will surely need for your vacation. If anything, you can always get the essential ones in your destination and so no need to bother yourself with carrying the entire bag which will make your luggage heavier.


All the values in the hand luggage

Not all airports are safe and so you can’t trust your valuables to be in the checked-in bag. If you have something you can’t afford to lose during the trip, then ensure they all go into the hand luggage. These include your travel documents, gadgets, credit cards, money and camera amongst others.


Don’t go heavy with the gadgets

If you truly want to enjoy your vacation and you are ready to roll after you are through with renewing my passport, then you will not want to have things that might distract your attention from getting an optimal vacation experience. Since your gadgets are the main source of distractions, you should go very low on them. If you have to carry more than one, then don’t carry more than two. Otherwise, you will find yourself distracted with your laptop, tablet or phone all the time, and instead of allowing your mind adequate time to relax, it will never have peace because you carried your gadgets.


Remember to carry the adapters

You will need the adapters based on the gadget you carry. Remember not to forget about them as they can make your trip really uncomfortable. Additionally, you should know the differences in the electrical adapters based on where you are traveling to. For example, the electoral conventions in the United States are different from those in Europe and so may find that some adapters may not be very useful. However, this should not be a great factor of concern as most hotels will always avail you the adapters that will be compatible with your gadgets.


Start Packing Early

Don’t wait until it is a few hours to flight then began packing. You should pack early so that you have plenty of time to relax so that you can remember if you have forgotten about some crucial item. Besides, packing early will ensure you don’t rush and panic, thus ruining your vacation even before you leave.

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