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For those of you with an adventurous side like us, then you will want to travel and experience the world, before settling into the real world. If you do everything correctly, then touring the world will turn out to be better than you ever imagined, but for most people, it’s their first time on the road and they will likely leave some important things at home. So, if you are thinking of departing any time soon, here’s some top travel tips – to ensure you stay ahead of the game!

Always take a hat

No matter what this is, it will always come in useful. If it’s a knit hat, then it will be great for the winter periods while a straw or summery hat can be just as useful at keeping heat in, as it can keeping the sun out in the summer.

Take a tablet or a smartphone

 What’s the fun of it if you can’t record and photo all of your goings-on? Well with a tablet or smartphone, you can abuse the free Wi-Fi that comes in copious
amounts as you tour the world, whilst also ensuring you have the tools to record the ever-memorable experience.
You can also check your finances using apps and if you need some more, it saves you sending embarrassing messages home to parents – in full view in the computer common room!

Stay in Business District Hotels at weekends

You would be surprised how much money you can save on weekends doing this. Because everyone goes home for weekends, the previously cluttered business districts in major cities all over the world are left seeking custom and if you play your cards right, you can consistently take advantage of some major price slashes!

Minimalist outfits

 It’s a given that some of your itinerary will go missing at some point. It hurts to lose things – even if it’s a cheap t-shirt – but these things happen and it’s best to pack some light, easy to wear items that can save you when you are running bare.

Divide everyone’s belongings across bags

 Lose a bag and you could be in serious trouble. But, if you travel with companions then you can spread and divide everyone’s belongings across a number of bags. It can get complicated, but you would unquestionably rather a bit of hassle and losing only some of your items if a bag goes missing, rather than the entirety of your luggage.

Pick and choose your security queues

This one is especially important as you never know when you might be in a rush to get to an airport gate. Choose wisely and avoid the security check ques with kids in, as they will only slow you down. Look for the que with ample corporate suits in – who are likely all business – and simply get in line. A vital time saver when you least expect it!

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