Top 7 Budget Things To Do In Yerevan


In condition of economic crisis Armenian tours are becoming more and more popular. Cheap food, accommodation and transport, no need to get a visa – all this is a great saving for those with a small budget. In addition to these important factors, we want to offer you top 7 interesting things to do in Yerevan which will let you have a good time and save lots of money.

1. Watch the singing fountains show at the Republic Square

At the center of Yerevan on the Republic Square, every day from May to October you can enjoy an inspiring and very romantic show of the famous singing fountains. The show begins at 9 pm and attracts both travelers and locals from different corners of Yerevan. You will enjoy different world masterpieces of classical music, pop, jazz and rock. And as a tradition the program always ends with a song of Charles Aznavour «Eternal love».

Singing fountains armenia


2. Visit the Cafesjian Center for the Arts

In front of the famous Cascade stair, you will see a beautiful park which is sometimes called «the museum of modern art». This interesting park together with a museum inside the lower floor of Cascade is called «The Cafesjian Center for the Arts» and was founded by famous Armenian businessmen and philanthropist Gerard Cafesjian. This Art center offers a wide variety of exhibits from the personal collection of its founder. In the park you can enjoy for free the works of such world-known sculptors as Fernando Botero, Lynn Chadwick, Barry Flanagan and others.

Cascade sculpture-1

3. Learn Armenian national dances

National dances always reflect the soul and the character of the nation. So if you want to get a closer touch to the soul of Armenian people the best way is to learn some of their national dances or at least some movements. Armenian female dances differ by their grace and tenderness while the male dances are dynamic and warlike. Of course, you won’t be able to become a guru in a few days, but to get the main idea and learn some basic movements is quite possible. So if you want to do it for free, visit the open master classes of Karin dance group which are held every last Friday or Saturday of the month from May to September at 19:00 o’clock at the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden.


4. Watch a demonstration of lavash baking

Have you ever tried Armenian national bread lavash? It is like thin pita bread in which you can wrap almost anything you want. Its preparation is a real ritual which remains unchanged for thousands of years! So it is no coincidence that the process and related traditions have been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. During the baking process Armenian women thinly roll the dough and then attach it to the hot walls of a special oven – tonir. Then with skillful movements they take the “newborn” bread and put in a pile. So if you are interested and want to see the process with your own eye visit one of the Armenian bakeries among which the most famous is the one in Garni village owned by a hospitable Armenian family.


Lavash baking demostration

5. Enjoy cheap transport

All tourists traveling around Yerevan are surprised with the abundance of public transport and its low fee. Just imagine the fee in buses and minibuses is only 100 AMD ($0,2) and in trolleybuses – 50 AMD ($0,1).The taxis here are very cheap, just be sure to take the state one (with a yellow number) or the one belonging to the taxi service. In this case, they have a taximeter and the starting price is only 600 AMD ($1,2) and after 4 km of drive it will be added 100 AMD ($100) to the starting price.


6. Visit a museum for free

Yerevan is sometimes called «the city of museums and art galleries». And indeed there are so many educational museums in the capital that will allow you to plunge in an absolutely new world and learn so many interesting things about history and culture of Armenian people. For those with a small budget we have some good news: on the last Saturday of each month, the entry to the most Yerevan museums is free. And there are some museums which can always be attended without a ticket – the Museum of the Armenian Genocide, War Museum (in the pedestal of the statue of “Mother Armenia”), Railway Museum (in the building of the Central Station of Yerevan), Museum of the architect Alexander Tamanyan and the National Museum of Architecture (both near “Vernissage”).

View of Yerevan

7. Enjoy free Wi-Fi

We have good news for all those who plan to travel around Yerevan. The capital offers a great opportunity for its guests who want to stay in touch: wireless free space here can be found in many parts of the capital and surrounding areas. For example, free Wi-Fi is set in 123 autobuses, 10 subway stations (as Barekamutyun, Eritasardakan and others), and at many bus stops. Popular parks and squares also will please their visitors with free wi-fi connection, for example, cozy Lover’s Park, the park near Cascade Complex, the Republic Square, and many others. And of course, you can enjoy free internet connection at almost any hostel, hotel, cafe, and restaurant of Yerevan.


  1. Comment by Nikolai

    Nikolai Reply 07/05/2017 at 6:52 PM

    I had a great time in Armenia. Spent there 5 days, visited a lot of beautiful places. You are free to visit museums. It is not gonna cost you anything. The main square in Yerevan is awesome.

  2. Comment by Daniel

    Daniel Reply 08/05/2017 at 7:29 PM

    Couple years ago I flew to Yerevan. This is a very beautiful city, there is much to see and where to spend time. Most of all I liked singing fountains, museums and very delicious national kitchen..

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