Top 5 Camping Spots in Queensland | Australia


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Into the desert

One of very best things about owning a 4WD is how easy it is to go camping. Owning a 4WD can really improve your lifestyle; just pick your destination; research your route and be aware of any 4WD challenges it presents; plan what to take; pack up your all your equipment and toss it in the back; give the 4WD a thorough check-over and hit the road!

Then get set to relax. Camping is a great break from the stresses of day to day life; an opportunity to immerse in nature; and
a great driving adventure in your 4WD.

Munga-Thirri National Park | Simpson Desert

Lucy the Landy

This is an amazing wilderness holiday, the vast outback at its best. The red desert, the stunning blue skies and the solitude of the
desert, make a camping trip to the Simpson Desert an awe-inspiring experience. It is around 1,500 kilometres west of Brisbane, so it is quite a journey. The information centre will give you information about the best way to enter the Simpson Desert National Park,
so stop in and get all the details. This is definitely a ‘wide open spaces’ trip.


Mount Bartle Frere | North Queensland

This is the State’s highest camping spot. It sits atop Queensland’s highest peak, tropical Mt. Bartle Frere. It is 1,400 metres above sea level and features panoramic views to the Atherton Tablelands and out to the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef. It is about 80 kilometres south of Cairns.

Teerk Rook Ra National Park | Brisbane


This is a great close-by camping holiday. It is on Peel Island in the beautiful Moreton Bay.  You get there by taking a boat or sea kayak from Horseshoe Bay. You will probably have the place to yourself. It is a great place to be in harmony with nature. You will see turtles, dolphins and dugongs.

Riversleigh World Heritage Site | Noodjamulla


This is a fantastic camping holiday for those that enjoy fossicking. This site features remnants of ancient creatures as well as the
remains of a wealthy mining industry. Dinosaur bones and fossils can be seen and it is known as one of the top ten places to find fossils in the world. And you can have fun with a shovel and sieve looking for your fortune. This is remote camping at its best, but you will need to have a self-sufficient camp as here are no shops. This area contains some of the most significant Aboriginal lands in Australia. To get there you travel over 200 kilometres north of Mt Isa on the Barkly Highway and then 100 kilometres west at Gregory Downs. I did say it was remote.


Lizard Island | North Queensland

Lizard Island is known chiefly as a luxurious resort, but the island also caters to campers. You will have to cook your own food, but
this is a remarkable place to stay. It has views across Watson Bay and you can have an amazing snorkelling experience just outside your tent door. You will need to fly in or take a sailing boat.

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