Top 4 places to surf for beginner surfers in Western Australia


When you are ready to come to Western Australia for surfing, you need to know where you are going.  This is the side of Australia that is not quite as populated, and you want to find the best places to go that will allow you to deeply enjoy your surfing while also providing you with a place to stay that will be fun for you.  When you are trying to make the right choices for your next trip, you can use these four locations to make your surfing more fun.  Plus, you could go to all these locations as part of one big trip that you have planned with friends and family.

1 | Margaret River

When you are searching for something like 9 of the best places to surf, you will come across the Margaret River and their amazing beaches.  This is a great place for you to go to ensure that you can enjoy both the river and the beaches that are facing the ocean.  This is a lovely place to hike, but it is also a great place to surf.  You can even camp in these locations because they are quite remote.

Margaret River WA spot for surfers

2.  Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of those places that people would like to try at least once, and the current in this location is so heavy that you get amazing surf that you cannot get in other places.  There are many people who would prefer to come to this beach because it is a much easier beach to reach.  You can stay in a hotel in the area and you can come out to the beach every day with the other surfers that know this place is perfect for surfing.  Plus, this is a really nice place to go if you would like to take pictures for social media.  Real surfers know this is the place to be.  

3.  Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is so secluded that a lot of surfers do not even know it is there unless they have actually done the search themselves to find it.  This is an island that can be hard to get to, but it is worth the time because you will enjoy the beautiful wilderness of this island along with making sure that they can surf as much as they want.  Because the island is not that big, you get a lot of surf coming up on a small beach very fast.  This is also a very good place to go for a trip away with friends because you will hardly bothered.

surf western australia
Surfing action at Lancelin

4.  Perth’s Trigg Island 

Anyone who has come to Perth might want to make a trip out to Trigg Island because it has its own secluded beaches that you should try if you truly love surfing.  This is a great place to go if you love surfing, but it is also a nice place to go to get away from the busy city.  When you are taking a surfing trip, you should try the Western Australia coast first.

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