Top 3 Careers For People That Love To Travel


Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar: You wake up around six to six thirty, bleary eyed and aching, slightly rested but only just, holding out for your morning coffee already as you douse your hair and skin with bucket loads of water and soaps, scrubbing away the musk of slumber. By the time your morning ministrations are complete, the clock has moved too far forward and you end up dashing out, hair barely styled and still a little wet, dressed in the finest clean clothes you can grab. The traffic rolls on, stops, starts. Stops. Starts. Over and over, until your reasonable lead on work has narrowed and you only nab the last staff park if you’re quick; sometimes, you’ll settle for street parking. The rest of the day is a blur of meetings, desks, computers, voices and demands, never ceasing or dying down. You stare out the window and dream of a life less ordinary, a larger life, a life that isn’t yours. It can be.

No, I don’t lie. If you desire to explore the dreams and wonders of the world, the following careers may suit your intrepid desires better than your current desk side drudgery.

Share Your Mind

Teaching is a noble profession and English experts are required across Asia , Africa, India and South America. It’s pretty simple to earn a qualification; sign up to an online course or attend a TESOL semester or two at TAFE. In a short time, you’ll be a fully qualified teacher, ready to tackle the vocabulary and curiosities of the world, and pass on your native language to little kids pleased as punch to learn from you. You’ll never take language for granted again, see the world and experience a variety of cultures, people and situations unheard of back home.

Share Your Words

Language is a funny thing. It’s fluid and essential, multi-faceted and ever so diverse; there are over six thousand distinct languages and dialects worldwide and if you’re bilingual, those French or German units at Uni or school may come in handy as you’re hired as a translator. Governments, banks, corporate giants, small players and emerging businesses all need translators to assist in brokering deals and maintaining international relations. Not only will you play an integral part in their business, but you’ll be globe- trotting for most of the working year and immersing yourself into a culture for the benefit of something bigger than yourself.

Share Your Experiences

Being a writer isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life, a passion and a vocation. If you love to play with words, tell stories and capture the attention of a rapt audience, you should consider dropping off the employment boards and abandoning the well-trodden paths of safe jobs. But before you pack your bag, make some contacts in the industry; start local and show editors and publishers what you can do with an image, painting a picture in their heads with places you’ve been and seen. Once you have these relationships, it may be possible to write and travel for a living!
Are you an adventurer? Do you have a role well suited to those with a tickle in their feet? Let me know by email!

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