Tokyo From Above: Best Roof Top Views


There are few things more breathtaking than gazing out over the sea of lights of Tokyo at night. With cities inside a city, there is always going to be differences on the best spot for viewing this vast landscape of futuristic architectural edgy buildings, temples, parks, neon lights or to just take in the breadth of concrete and have a snapshot of all of this!


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Climb up to 45th floor to enjoy gorgeous views of the skyline of Great Tokyo. The view at night is amazing so it’s worth it going there by night! The staff are very friendly and it’s free!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


The Gate Hotel

East Tokyo at its best. From here you can really understand how the old meets the new in Tokyo.

Adjacent to Asakusa, you can look straight down at the traditional markets leading to the impressive Sensouji Temple. Sitting out on the terrace you have an uninterrupted view of the Tokyo Skytree. If you can’t find the right spot outside, the floor to ceiling windows inside aren’t half bad either.

the gate hotel

Star Road

There are plenty of bars claiming to offer the ‘best night-time view in Tokyo’, but the Grand Pacific’s 30th-floor showpiece sure gets at least a podium spot. With unimpeded views of the waterfront, Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge, the Skytree and the towers along the mouth of the Sumida River, Star Road is the perfect place for impressing your date.


Starbucks Coffee SHIBUYA TSUTAYA店

I’m not a Starbucks fan, especially in Tokyo where the coffee scene is bubbling with stunning coffee hand drip brews, but this Starbucks is in a prime location over the famous Shibuya crossing. So, in this case, I will buck my trend and recommend you actually order a coffee (not to go of course) and people gaze in comfort above the busiest intersection.


Tokyo Skytree

Honestly, the queuing  system for tickets is complicated. Be prepared for a long wait and lots of people. The positives are you can shop and from the height of the tower, you get a sense of Tokyo like no other place. i didn’t realise the amount of water running through the city and how close it is to the sea. you just lose a sense of this when you are in the city for some reason. standing on the glass platform is also really cool.


Tokyo City View

With unforgettable 360 degrees view of Tokyo City and the bay area, this is a great spot especially on a clear day. look out over the Tokyo Tower or if you’re lucky, Mt Fuji over sunset and feel incredibly lucky to be in this unique and vibrant city.

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