Sydney Harbour Bridge – To Climb or Not To Climb


should you climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

You might already have a fair idea of what Sydney Harbour Bridge looks like and given the hoo-haa over Oprah Winfrey climbing the bidge I probably don’t need to tell you much more about it.

The bridge seems to pop up when you least expect it. It fills the skyline and complements the backdrop to the Opera House perfectly. The most dramatic view of it is from the Whraf Restaurant (pier4/5 Circular Quay). It’s pretty well there, on top of you and you almost can feel the trains rattling overhead.

But why just look when you can walk it, or even climb it? I guess the real question is to climb it or not to climb it!!

You definitely need to walk across the bridge- you will get a view of the city and the bay that is hard to forget… You also get to see fitness freaks jogging across it on their lunch breaks or riding their bicycles from one end to the other.

Hmm… Climb it?!?! Well it’s 250 bucks!! You should book in advance to not be disappointed on the days you are there. Either way, it is definitely a great trip and a must do for Sydney, and Australia great tip.


:spend $10 and go to the Tower. It is a great view over the Harbour, Opera House and Bridge for a fraction of the cost. It was awesome and we had money to enjoy a meal overlooking the Bridge and Opera House!!!

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