How many times have you dreamt of travelling around the world? Do you often get put off by the high costs? Although it may be impossible to travel the world in forty days, there are ways to make your travel aspirations much cheaper. With a few simple tactics, you can make travelling on a budget hassle free. Here are four tips to help on a tight budget:


1. Drive To Your Location

Yes, it is possible to travel halfway around the world by road, and it is certainly possible from Europe to Asia. Travelling by road can make things a lot cheaper because not only will you be more in control, but you will also not have to face the costs that come with flight tickets. If you have a disability, you can ease the burden of flying by choosing to travel in a Smart Motability car. These handy cars are readily accessible for residents within the UK with the Motability scheme and financial agreement.


2. Eat Cheap

It is no secret that dining every day in restaurants increases spending, and not to mention that it is potentially damaging to your waist!

Even when finding authentic food, you can save money on your trip, such as opting for self-catering accommodation, which can save a lot of money. If you are staying in a self-catering apartment, for example, prepare homecooked food one night, and you will save money which you may have spent in an expensive restaurant. When driving, local restaurants off the beaten track are significantly more expensive than in the town centers because they understand that there are not that many options available. So it’s worthwhile heading further into town before choosing somewhere to eat.


3. Choose Affordable Cities

Those who are experts in travelling with a low budget tend to opt for countries where their money can stretch further or countries which have a cheaper currency than theirs, so it’s important to check the currency converter before you choose. Areas in South East Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia have long been favourites for budget travellers.


4. Travel During The Low Season

Travelling during the low, quieter season is a great way to avoid high season prices. The advantages are many, among them includes getting cheaper tickets to your destination, plus both meals and presents and purchases, in general, are much less expensive.

You will also find that many hotels offer their top of the range suites at considerably lower prices, which means you can still have a luxury holiday at no extra cost.

5. Use Price Comparison Websites

There are many travel apps and price comparison websites that can help you find the best rates for flights, hotels and much more. You not only get to evaluate the destinations with the cheapest flights or promotions, but at the same time, you can also observe accommodation costs, and you can choose the one you like or the one which captures your attention.

6. Opt For A Package Holiday

Many companies offer great promotions in the form of complete economic package holidays or just tickets. Ideally, keep an eye on them and make the most of them. Again you will need to check price comparison websites to find the cheapest offers.

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