Tips and tricks to Enjoy your Traveller Solo


Travelling on your own may just turn out to be one of the most incredible and memory-lasting experiences you can embark on.

If, for one, most of us are petrified of the idea of grabbing a backpack and face the unknown out there, on the other, what you gain from the experience is a unique and refreshing perspective not only of the places you visit but, ultimately, of yourself.

As much as you may refrain to embrace the idea, do realize that there are great things to gain from solo travel. We’ll go through a few tips to help make up your mind and get you going as soon as possible.


Solo travel is fun.

Though you may find it otherwise because you know that at least at the start you’ll be in your very own company, you’ll soon find out that solo travellers are more likely to make friends and meet people along the way.

By being more available to connect with others and show up on your own, you’re also more likely to be included in any group of people – or other solo travellers – that you cross paths with.

When you’re about to embark on your journey and start wondering how to have fun alone, you’ll soon find that it will naturally come your way.

 Enjoy your Traveller Solo

Your Rules

When travelling solo, you have a wider world of possibilities compared to travelling with others.

You make your own rules, from deciding exactly what you want to pack to where and what you’ll have for dinner when you get there.

Being limited by no one else’s rules, you can spend your time enjoying your trip exactly the way you want.

Eat when you want, sleep when you need, and, above all, live the experience at your own pace.

Total Flexibility

Meeting schedules can often be hard.

When you’re travelling solo, just in the same way as you make your own rules while you go along, you also have the total flexibility to adjust to everchanging changing conditions.

The experience often makes you more open to adventure as you can change plans on the go. Instead of having to reach compromise with others, you can simply opt to do whatever your heart desires.

Solo traveller

What to Pack

Packing can be made extremely easy if you’re on your own.

Since you don’t depend on others, you can focus exactly on what to take with you while travel solo, easily making your trip more enjoyable.

There may no need to take all those clothes that your partner often tells you that you have to pack – and never get to wear.

Ultimately, pack as light as you can so that the journey time is more focused on enjoying the experiences you’ll face rather than packing and unpacking at each stop.

A Few Safety Tips

Whether you’re a man or a woman, realize that travelling solo can carry some risks of its own.

Always ask for a recommendation from people that have either travelled to the destination you’re about to embark on or refer to local tourism boards and official agencies – it surely doesn’t hurt!

Don’t carry too many valuables along with you when you’re out exploring and avoid areas that may be problematic.

Ensuring that you pack a little first aid kit with you can go a long way. It’s better to have it and not need it than otherwise.

In the end, travelling solo or with others is only as safe as you make it by observing such basic rules.

Travel solo safely

Travelling solo offers, therefore, a world of opportunity.

If you can overcome the initial fear of facing the unknown by yourself, you’ll soon find that travelling the world at your own pace by your own rules may prove to be more rewarding than doing it with someone else.

Not only will you be more likely to attract other people and get to know locals and other fellow travellers, but you’ll also be living the entire experience as you intend to.

As with anything, it’s ideal to gather some information about the areas you’ll be visiting beforehand to ensure a safe experience.

Soon enough, you’ll find that travelling solo may provide deeper knowledge about who you are and your place in the world than any other experience can.


Since the age of 16, Tim, a writer at SMK Blog, has enjoyed Traveling and enjoy the world. He loves seeing new attractions, exploring new places and know new cultures.

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