“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.” – Kurt Vonnegut

thrill seekers

Heading toward Antarctica?

I had a couple of emails from my last post. There were two groups of people- Aussies complaining about the heat (mainland is having a heatwave with 40+ degrees) and those on the northern hemisphere (still a little sceptical of my story that it’s cold in Australia). We are on our way to South Cape, […]

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Paddling Into The Wild

Being in Australia I know that there’s a certain amount of wildlife to be dealt with and as we paddled into the shallow mangrove I was more worried with spiders than anything else. We saw quite a few of these but with a paddle and water all around I felt pretty safe to deal with […]

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Tree Climbing

Today after lunch I climbed a tree. The tree just next to our surf club. I randomly looked, picked the one I liked the most and climbed. I like climbing trees. Actually the deep love and connection with trees has never left me, in fact it has grown deeper over the years. It´s a little bit […]

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