Three ways to fund your travels


If you can’t stand the thought of doing the same job day in, day out and spending all your time in one town or city, then why don’t you plan your next adventure overseas or close to home? Not only will you get to see different parts of the world and all the different cultures that go with it, but you could also pick some useful skills for future work and build your confidence at the same time. Sounds good? Yes, but how are you going to fund your time on the road, especially if you’re planning a long time away from home? Here are three ways that might help.


Look for some work abroad

One of the most obvious things you could do to help pay for your travels is to find some work overseas. Maybe if you have some teaching experience, you could run lessons in English at a private or state school. You don’t have to work full-time, you may be able to find seasonal or part-time work. Or you could find some casual paid work in a bar or restaurant, or helping out in grocery stores. Make sure you have all the correct paperwork, including any work permits, in place though to make sure you’re not breaking any rules and, importantly, that you have a level of protection.

If all that’s in order, then you can set about finding work ranging from a week or two to a few months. It is a great way to maintain an income while you’re away and to turn your travel dreams into a reality.


Consolidate your finances

Another way you could free up some cash to get more travel in your life is to take a look at your existing financial commitments and look for a way to cut them down every month. Are there any subscriptions, to like cable TV, you could do without? And how about that gym pass you very rarely use? It could help free up a bit of money each month which you could spend on an adventure!

If you’ve got a regular income, you may also want to consider getting out a loan or another form of borrowing to consolidate any current credit commitments. If you pile them all into one debt, it could lower your outgoings into one monthly payment, leaving you more financial breathing space. For example, check out Prosper loans reviews.


Save like crazy!

Another way to create more cash for your travels is to go back to the good old-fashioned method of saving like crazy! Even if you have just a few dollars available each month, put them in a savings account or somewhere else that’s safe. Before you know it, you could have a few hundred available to book yourself a short trip. If you’re intent on going away for longer, think about getting some extra hours at work, or taking on some extra commitments at the weekend to top up your savings balance. That trip could come sooner than you expected!

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