Things You Need to Do Seconds After a Car Crash


We all love road trips but accidents happen. So if you are driving around Australia this is what you should do…
The moments following a car crash are filled with shock and panic. It can be hard to remain calm and remember what you should do. It can be helpful to keep a list in your car to refer to. If you are involved in an accident, here are the things you need to do immediately.

Check Everyone Is Okay

If you have passengers, check they are not seriously hurt. Once you have confirmed that everyone in your car is okay, carefully remove yourself from the car and check on any other cars involved in the accident. Watch out for potential dangers, such as broken glass, leaking fluid, or traffic that is still moving. 

Report the Accident to Relevant Authorities

If someone has been hurt in the crash, call for medical assistance as soon as possible. Call an emergency number and request ambulance and police services. These departments are trained to handle accidents and emergency situations quickly and safely. 

Move out of Harm’s Way

To avoid further damage, try to move out of harm’s way. If it is possible to move your car to the edge of the road, do so. If your vehicle is unable to be moved, put your hazard lights on or put up hazard signs and move to a safer area. Once the police have arrived, they can direct traffic around the crash safely.

Collect the Details of Any Other Persons Involved

To be able to process a claim with your insurer, you will need to provide them with details of the accident. Write down the name, contact details, registration number, vehicle make and model, drivers’ licence number, and insurance information for ALL cars involved in the accident. Also, take note of the date, time, weather, and location of the accident. Take photographs of the damage using a camera or your smartphone so they can be referred to if necessary. Record names and contact details of any witnesses as well. 

Make a Claim with Your Insurance Company

To process a claim, your insurance company will require details relating to the accident. The consultant will ask you to describe any damage to property sustained during the accident. They may also ask you to indicate areas of damage on a diagram, or send through a copy of the photographs you took. If your car requires towing to an inspection station, your insurer can arrange this for you as well.

Seek Legal Assistance

There are many legal issues to contend with following an accident. If you have concerns about liability, it is worthwhile contacting a legal representative that specialises in car accidents, such as Motor Accident Legal Service. You should also seek assistance if you have been injured and need to find out about compensation. 
The important thing to remember following a car crash is to stay calm and follow these steps. Advice and assistance is readily available through many different channels, so remember to follow your list and that support is there for you. Thinking rationally might not make the situation any less stressful or awkward, but it can make future proceedings much smoother.

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