We are living in unprecedented conditions. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think we would face a virus pandemic that could disrupt our way of living, our freedom and dreams.

We have cancelled all our flights, camping and road trips for the year. We postponed celebrating big family events. We have changed the way we are connecting with friends and family.

Society has changed. School has changed. Family dynamics have changed.

Why create The Wonder School

I am fortunate in my work experience as an early childhood teacher and former PE teacher to have some skills in education. I have the capacity and flexibility to be at home with my children and help them learn and develop. Above all, my intention is to create a school environment and adventure as best I can. My eldest son loved going to school- learning from different teachers, fellow classmates and any experience or excursion that came his way. I have been amazed how much he took in with our travel- not just how much he learned but how this developed his line of thinking and awareness of different perspectives and ways of living. These factors will drive me to replicate as many of these experiences as best as I can.

Who joins The Wonder School

Noah (4 and a half years old), a keen surfer, skater and explorer who loves music and making a joke.

Finn (10 months old) who wants nothing more than to stand, walk and get a cuddle when his legs are tired. If his tummy is full and he has the above needs met, he’s basically content, unless you want to put him in a new nappy. Can snack on dirt and sand continuously if left unsupervised.

What is The Wonder School

First, we needed a meeting to brainstorm. We rode our bikes to Cabarita Headland, walked to the beach and sat down to chat about school. As with any good chat, we had beetroot dip, carrots, celery, crackers and olives. Finn didn’t pay much attention to our important meeting but Noah was keen to share his ideas about schooling.

I asked Noah about what his dream school looked like, what types of things were important to him and what we wanted to learn. Here is his list:

  • fun, having fun every day
  • a bit like Nature Explorers, we must go on adventures every day, and learn all about our nature and how to look after it
  • learn about the Bundjalung and maybe Yugambeh too, like Dreamtime stories, bush tucker, songs, words
  • Building. “Mum, we need to build real stuff with nails, hammer and paint things. Maybe fix our house and surprise Dad.”
  • “Ahh music. We need to learn guitar, drums, ukelele, listen to Eric Bibb, Bob Marley, Shotgun, and we can also see Lil Fi online, she is a bit like the Lah Lah Band.”
  • We need to surf, skate and ride. ” Surf groms is a school thing and we need to do that at our school. We need to surf and ride every day. It’s good for you.”
  • working hard in the garden – our tomatoes are not looking good any more
  • clay and watercolours
  • Read books. Evidently we should read 1 million books a day as we used to. “I can read 2 books to Finn at rest time.”
  • Listen to podcasts. I like dirt girl, little yarns and nature tracks
  • Definitely have fire. (like at preschool and Nature Explorers). “I will start collecting wood soon.”
  • “We should learn about medicine because of the virus too. Let’s talk to dad about that.”
  • “We should learn more about pirates. Then I can share it with Bree – and she will walk the plank!”
  • “I need to learn how to count to 30 in Portuguese.. I get to 21 and the numbers disappeared from my head.”

The Wonder School is all about play and fun, lifelong learning with real purpose and wonder!

How will we share The Wonder School with You

Sharing The Wonder School with you is also part of Noah’s learning. Noah has been an active part of my blog – he often joins blog trips, instameets and other working affairs. He is used to listening, recording and to take photos.

Sharing our learning with you will be a great platform for Noah to continue to develop his photography skills and select what he believes is relevant to share. With this in mind, this section of the blog will be raw, hardly edited and yes we should expect some not so flashy photos at times.

We are aiming to update the blog on a daily basis during rest time when Finn has his big sleep. Noah usually listens to music or a podcast. This will be the time to quickly select our photos and jot down what we have been up to with you.

We would also love hearing from you – share with us your backyard adventures


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