The Ultimate Guide to Group Trips


There are so many benefits of travelling the world and seeing different countries. Not only are you able to soak in the beautiful scenery, but you also get the chance to experience different cultures and meet new people. Some people choose to travel alone, while others opt to go with a group. Travelling alone means that you can do whatever you want whenever you want and don’t have to worry about hurrying people along. On the other hand, travelling in groups means that you can share your experiences with other people, which can be a good feeling too. If you happen to have a group of friends who have been bitten by the wanderlust bug, perhaps you could consider planning a trip. This guide will outline a few ways in which you can plan a group trip that will pull at your heart strings when you remember in years to come.


Allocate Tasks

When putting together a group trip, things can get hectic if you’re not organised. Before doing anything, pick a group leader. This person will be in charge of overseeing the trip and making sure everything goes as close to the plan as possible. Since you’ll be travelling with a number of people, it would be a good idea to allocate tasks to other people as well – since they say that two heads are better than one. By giving different individuals responsibilities, you’re less likely to forget anything. You could, for example, put one person in charge of booking the fights, while someone else deals with accommodation. It should help you avoid the stress of the burden being on a single person.


Look for the Best Deals Possible

Whether you decide to go glamping in Australia or ride a thousand rollercoasters at Disney World, it’s possible to find major discounts on your group holiday. Usually, when you book a vacation in a group, you’re offered a reasonable percentage off the original price. Do an internet search and find a variety of different agents so that you can compare prices. You might find that ditching the agent and booking your flight and accommodation yourself works out cheaper. If that is the case, feel free to take that route, but take into consideration that it may require a lot more work, whereas a holiday package can be all-inclusive. A few tips for finding a cheap holiday include checking for flights first thing in the morning, avoiding direct flights if you’re on a budget, booking outbound return flights with differing airlines as it sometimes works out cheaper, and avoiding high peak periods such as when kids are on vacation from school and holiday seasons.

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Create Branded Merchandise

Travelling with a group can be a lot of fun because there are so many people and different personalities. Why not add to the fun by getting branding merchandise made? You could create a hashtag for the trip or create a funny name for your group and get it put on some t-shirts, hats, and lanyards. Another reason to get branded merchandise is that it will look nice in pictures. The good thing is that it won’t be a waste after the holiday as the shirts and hats can still be worn, while the lanyards can be used to hold your ID. If you do decide to go with the branded merchandise, you can read more here for affordable lanyards and search online for where you can get customised shirts and hats made.


Invite a Different Mix of People

Sometimes, when organising a group holiday, inviting a mix of different personalities is a way to make the trip more interesting. When you have different kinds of people mixing, you’re able to learn new things, share differing perspectives, and also, hopefully, forge new friendships.


Cut Costs by Sharing

Sharing is caring, and this is especially true if you care about saving money. When booking accommodation, consider sharing a villa or using Airbnb as an option. It will save you money as you will be able to divide the cost of the villa by two or more, depending on how many rooms are inside. If you opt for the Airbnb option, you also save a lot. Consider looking for a house that will be able to accommodate the whole group. By using this alternative, you could also save money on food as you would be able to cook your own. If you would prefer to eat out as a way of tasting the local food and trying something new, then perhaps look for restaurants that are offering discounts. You may find that some offer deals when you come in large groups, or find it’s cheaper when you make reservations online or through an app.

The Ultimate Guide to Group Trips

Organise Activities Before-hand

Everybody has a different purpose for why they’re going on a holiday. Some people’s objective might be to relax and eat, while others may want adventure and exploration. Because of this, it is a good idea to create a timetable of activities. You can call around or check online if they have tour packages in the destination that you’re going to. It would save you the hassle of trying to find everything on your own. If you’re up for the challenge, however, you can look for individual activities on your own and organise transport to and from the selected places. Members of the group can choose to participate in the ones that are of interest to them or not partake in any at all. Take into consideration that just because it’s a group trip, it doesn’t mean people won’t want to spend time alone. 

If you haven’t been on a group holiday before, it is certainly something you should consider. Sharing new experiences, cultures, food and adventures with people you like spending time with can be an invaluable experience. It is a chance to live in the moment, take as many pictures as possible because you won’t be able to relive that experience. A group trip is one of the many ways to create warm memories that you’ll enjoy looking back on.

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