The Small Town Charm – Kingscliff


Kingscliff from the sky

This is just a story of the beginning of my experience in Kingscliff, NSW, Australia…

Paul and I spent months on the search for a place to live. I wanted a small place with some of the creature comforts- good coffee and shopping! I was not sure if there were many places that could offer this mix and was not really prepared for what we found.

It was not just better than anything I´d ever seen, what struck us was how welcoming and warm the community was. Kingscliff is a beach side little town, surrounded by farm land and with a spectacular backdrop of Mt. Warning. It is nurtured by a community that knows the place they live is special yet very close to an international airport and busy places if you ever want to leave…

I had been seduced, I was totally engaged and drawn into the experience of living at our tranquil new location. Everybody seems to have more time – riding on bicycles, spending time in the markets, surfing before work and just a general approach of taking the time to find out how one another are going. Nobody seems to be rushing and I just feel thankful to have turned off the highway to find my new home!

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