the resort life

You know me. I am not the kind of person who sits by a pool, sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it while working on my tan (I could though!). I can do that for about 13 minutes before my eyes start darting all over the coastline, wondering what is happening beneath the waves, can I climb somewhere, where can I hire a bike or perhaps that mountain behind us needs someone to stand on top of it?

For a complete change in the way we do things, Paul and I decided to go for a change of pace. We entered into a strange parallel universe where people come for a holiday and can be amused even without leaving the facility.


Most days during my stay at the Sea Cove Coolum Resort started the same. I yawn and stretch and make the short distance to the water’s edge and slide into the warm pool to plan my day’s activities. And there is plenty to do, depending on your energy levels.
Just about anything you can think of doing can be done here: snorkelling or diving, surfing, cycling, walking, sea kayaking, swimming, tennis, spa…

We were in the spa day and night

The apartment we were staying in had the perfect mattress and pillows, balconies (yes, plural) to view the beach and mountains, even the lights were high quality and adjustable to give us the perfect ambience at the end of the day! I suddenly found myself enjoying this resort business. I love the apartment, the pools, the tennis and spa at the end of the day.


I quickly realised that even though was this was great, it wasn’t the routine break that we get when we go camping. Everything is quite different from living in a home when you move to a tent! At the end I realise that the Sea cove resort is fantastic for for us during a couple of weekends a year for a change in pace and experience. I can understand what attracts so many people especially to these high quality resorts.


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