There are more girls skateboarding today then ever before. Us ladies are tearing up sidewalks in every corner of the world. Sure we might not all be throwing  hundred foot slides (I haven’t even tried!!), but we are all having fun on…  We bring a different feminine vibe to the skateboard world.

Even the most random event
on your day, like going to the supermarket, can become one of the greatest ones. Let’s face it- skating beats walking, is far more fun and feels really cool. I am stoked whenever I go for a ride, especially on days when I haven’t surfed in a while 🙂

It seems whenever I am cruising along the beachfront, hopping a curb here, a seagull there,  I spark a couple of smiles from bystanders just because clearly I am having a good time on my board.

The small rubber Penny skateboard may result in overwhelming radness.

I am just letting you know.


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