In a world that seems to be getting smaller, it’s difficult to find a place that’s not already trending with tourists or, worse, gap-year students.

So, when the Philippines came calling, I was instantly intrigued by the famed archipelago which boasts 7,000 isles south-east of Asia’s mainland. Why? Because it’s the road less travelled. Now you have, for example, the with highly competitive deals which makes the Philippines a very attractive destination.

The Philippines, is popular for its water and land activities. For the fish at heart, checking out the surfing and scuba diving is a must and if you want to take in the rich land with a verdant landscape, don’t miss all of the islands’ lavish forests, beaches, and tropical hotspots. Overwhelmingly welcome locals will be waiting to make make your holiday even more pleasant. Boasted with one of the longest coastlines in Asia, it’s worth a travel to the Philippines for its serene beaches and crystal clear waters. Some of the more noted beaches include Boracay Island, El Nido, and Camiguin Island. Philippines travel is an adventure in itself with its nightlife scene, specifically Manila and Boracay. There’s no distinction between tourist and local, making it all the more enjoyable to let loose and dance until you see the sun come up.


Things Not to Miss in the Philippines

1| Trekking the Taal volcano

Lake and volcano Taal is a must to visit in this part of Luzon. The best way to reach the volcano in the middle of the crater lake is by boat from Talisay. There is really no need to take a horse and a guide as there is only one path leading to the volcano summit (45 min). There are always some vendors selling food and drinks at the summit.

Trekking the Taal volcano

2| Paddling along the Abatan River

The Abatan River in Maribojoc, about 10 km away from Tagbilaran City. For the past few years, this river has been home to one of Bohol’s talk-of-the-town adventure: firefly kayaking. Travel reviews say it’s a must-do when visiting the province. Those who have tried it seem to have been blown away by the experience. It’s spectacular, fantastic, inspiring, magical, and too cool to miss.

Paddling along the Abatan River

3| Island hopping the clusters of islets


Island hopping refers to a recreational activity of cruising from one island to another. It traces its activity back to World War 2 when Allied forces would land their landing crafts on a Pacific island, wrestle the island from the Japanese occupants, then go to the next island. It is absolutely magical to experience so many different cluster of islets. This was probably my favourite thing to do!

 Island hopping the clusters of islets

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