The Paperwork You Need To Get Your Head Round Before You Go Travelling


So, you’ve finally booked that dream trip around the world. You can’t wait to go snorkelling in Australia, visit heritage sites in Cambodia and marvel at European architecture. You’ve bought a completely new travelling wardrobe and a fancy new backpack that you can’t wait to use. In fact, you’d be happy to simply get on the plane now and set off on your adventure. But unfortunately, even when we are planning an amazing trip away, reality has to bring us back down to earth with a bump. There simply are some things you can’t get away from when it comes to trip planning – however boring they may be. The vital thing to remember is that they may be the difference between you going on the trip at all, or staying at home because you didn’t get things sorted in time. Here’s our checklist for the ‘adult’ stuff you need to sort out before your trip.

visit cambodiaCheck that your passport is in date

Okay, so this one sounds painfully obvious. But you would be surprised at the sheer amount of people who turn up to the airport after paying lots of money for their trip – only to be turned away because their passport is out of date. No one wants to be that person, so check your own passport at least a good few months before you’re due to leave. You can usually renew your passport online, but be aware that you will need to wait around three weeks for it to arrive. If you are pushing the time limit when it comes to getting your passport renewed, you may need to go to your local embassy to collect it.


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Sort out your Visa

Certain countries in the world require a Visa that enables you to enter. Do some research on the countries you are planning to visit and see what their Visa requirements are. In some cases, you may not need a Visa if you are only planning on staying for less than a certain amount of days. But if you plan to extend your stay, you may need to apply for one whilst you are there. There are also many different types of Visas – working Visas, e-Visas, visitor’s permits and Tourist Cards. So you will need to find out which ones you will need to have in place before your trip. Visiting a site such as can help you consolidate what you may require.

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Get travel insurance

We all know that travelling doesn’t always come cheap. Even if you are the most frugal traveller in the world – sleeping in hostels or hopping from sofa to sofa – you are definitely going to need travel insurance. You cannot account for whether you will get ill overseas or not, so taking out travel insurance can prevent you being faced with a hefty medical bill. You can also claim on travel insurance for things such as cancelled flights or if you have your bags stolen. It might seem like a lot of effort to take out the insurance initially, but you may be thankful that you did.

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