The Magical Gift | 3 Popular Crystals from 3 Varying Cultural Travel Destinations


It is customary to collect memorabilia every time we visit a new place and, oftentimes, we bring back a few collectible items for our friends and relatives too. Crystals are not just great memorabilia, but in cultures across the world, these natural stones are thought to possess magical healing properties that positively influence our lives in mysterious ways. Whether the crystals actually hold magical properties or not, they do make for excellent gifts, reminiscent of the culture you just paid a visit to. Here is a short guide to three of the most popular crystals.

Fluorite from Argentina

Argentina is home to the stunning Iguazú Falls, the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Tierra del Fuego National Park and many, many other natural beauties that will leave you in awe of their lush, gorgeous and untamed beauty. It’s also home to the rainbow keeper crystal, more commonly known as fluorite. Argentinians believe that it can cleanse the body and the soul, curing and healing us from the inside, while forming a protective barrier against negative energies.

Rose Quartz from Madagascar

Situated right at the base of the African continent, Madagascar is a unique island that is home to some of the most exotic animal life and natural sceneries in the whole world. A visit to the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is a must especially, since this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to both endangered animals exclusive to the island and magnificent limestone towers that easily stand over 300 feet in places.

The star rose quartz from Madagascar is said to be particularly special among rose quartz variants, and this crystal is believed to welcome love into your life and foster an environment of peace and wellbeing all around you.

However, courtesy of retailers like Alexcraft, you won’t necessarily have to travel to Madagascar, Brazil, or anywhere else to order genuine rose quartz healing pendants right from your home. You can even buy them at wholesale rates from Alexcraft if you want to start a business or just gift them to a bunch of people as gorgeous but affordable gifts.

Jade from China

China is a huge country with diverse attractions. Whether  you want to witness ancient Cantonese culture, trek through the vast wilderness and ice top mountains, or taste the modern Chinese lifestyle, you won’t lack options here.

An extremely positive stone that eliminates negative chi and brings about psychological stability, the bright green jade is exclusively mined from China, and although there are other versions of jade, if you want to bring back a true, jade crystal from your trip to China, it will be bright green. Do note that China is a hub of ancient, mystical crystals, elixirs and more, so don’t be surprised if you find more than just jade here.

Irrespective of your belief in the magical myths surrounding the crystals, the beautiful gifts and souvenirs they can be turned into have a universal appeal for everyone. If that rose quartz cross you are wearing just happens to help you in some way, all the better!

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