Lennox Head

I live in a country where green grasses ripple and mountains rise. Where blue oceans curl and red deserts swirls. I love Australia when summer stars flicker and the warm sun comes down, but when the autumn leaves flame my invisible string stretches…. and stretches even more and I wonder if can reach the other side of the world. It’s a time when my heart shrinks and I miss family and friends, it´s a time when I wonder if Australia will float closer to Portugal one day, it’s a time when my mum’s cuddle and my dad’s chat would make the autumn shine…
And again I wonder about the “The invisible string”, a book that someone special read to me one day. A string that you pull on to always know that the people you love are connected to you.
That person knows lots about invisible strings, her heart is full of them.
Today is the day that I stretched my invisible string all the way to Portugal

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