the gate hotel

The Gate Hotel has the coolest ceiling… you need to go in and see it!

If you find yourself in Tokyo and are in search of something extra special, here’s a little more about my experience to help you plan your stay in this vibrant city!

The Gate Hotel

Checking in to a hotel like The Gate Hotel leaves an immediate impression of functional luxury. It’s the hotel you look for but don’t seem to find with the right blend of luxury with soft touches which make you feel “at home”.

I was pinching myself a number of times during check-in! We walked into the entrance which had beautiful stone and tiles with water moving flowing above on the ceiling, creating small shadows along the wall. I immediately felt relaxed and keen to head to my room after a big day of sight seeing… From this entrance, you head to the elevator and can choose to go to the level for the lobby, or bar, or head to your room rather than be greeted each time by a desk.

I waited, wondering if there was a good view as we made our way to the top floor. The doors opened, I said a WOW and repeated this word a few more times as I walked around the lobby. What an entrance- the reception area sits to the side in sync with the space. The main attraction quite rightly is the panoramic view over Tokyo, beautifully set back to the chandelier in the middle of the area. I had arrived. the gate hotel

The check-in process was easy and quick. Paul kept drifting away to look at the view and I was in luck trying to keep him nearby as they had the process down to a fine art- no complications of filling in forms and different details- just confirmed details and gave over our passports. Quick and efficient as I like it!

The entire stay from this point forward continued to resemble something out of a fairytale book – pampering bathroom, a gorgeous bedroom (with your own Nespresso machine!!), waking up to city views and an indulgent lunch at the hotel’s famous restaurant.

Breakfast, anyone?

On my first morning at The Gate Hotel I struggled to decide what to get from the buffet – selection of breakfast pastries (guilty as charged), fruit and veges. But hey, the real struggle was when they asked for my selection for a main dish… The first day I went with my dear eggs benedict and on the second, scrambled eggs but the pancakes looked awesome as well! the gate hotel

Breakfast was definitely a highlight for me. A great view, delicious food and finish with fine coffee. It was the perfect start to a day…

the gate hotelThe Gate Hotel Special Touches

The staff go the extra mile to make your stay an unforgettable one. Everyone was lovely and happy to have a chat (if you felt like it). From helping me with Noah to inviting us up for the full moon mojitos on the roof top bar that night.the gate hotel

The hotel staff greeted me by name and far from finding Noah an inconvenience, they were attentive and so adorable with him, bringing him an origami crane made from the Australian flag when he was starting to get impatient with his Mum’s large appetite one morning…


The Bed

The beds were comfortable and the pillows were perfect! I mean, perfect. the only danger was to happily sink in them all day long. No, I would get up and have breakfast!

the gate hotel

The pyjamas

I need to admit, because of the hotel pyjamas I ended up working in bed – something that I never do. There was something about the pyjamas that I just loved.

the gate hotel

The coffee

How many hotel rooms have their own Nespresso coffee machine? Not many right?!

As a coffee lover, I need to confess that was one of the greatest highlights. Coming back to my room, tired and getting ready for the early evening trip back out and going over to our very own Nespresso machine and making my pick-me-up selection. Nespresso and pyjamas equals a great working environment for a travel writer!

the gate hotel


The Bathroom

the gate hotelAlthough I liked the room, the bathroom was stunning. Beautiful, really. It was spacious and I just loved looking out each night over the Tokyo lights as I soaked in the bathtub (with a red wine!!!) the gate hotel

the gate hotel

The Location: Asakusa

The gate Hotel is located in Asakusa which is a fab location to find yourself in Tokyo. Asakusa is bursting with traditional Japanese fanfare and usually the first stop for many tourists and is located on the east side. You can definitely still feel the traces of old, historic Tokyo here.

the gate hotel


It’s close to Senso-ji Tenple and other traditional shops & restaurants.It’s a few train stops away from Tokyo SkyTree, currently the tallest building in the world and Solamachi shopping area which is located at the base of Tokyo SkyTree.the gate hotel


Thanks toThe Gate Hotel for welcoming me to the hotel! All opinions remain my own.

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    Grupo de Estudos Oceânicos Reply 11/07/2016 at 11:21 AM

    Thanks Sofia!

    With your excellent description and your own opinions we just want to stay in Gate Hotel on our next trip to Tokyo!

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