It was just under a 100 km drive and can only be done at a very slow pace. It was a feast for our eyes. We breathed some of the world’s cleanest air, passed numerous shallow bays and broad estuaries, coves, beaches and untamed backcountry. It’s a journey through ancient lands, sculpted by the Southern Ocean’s enormous swells (up to 20 m!). It has remained relatively untouched throughout time with only a connection to ancient times by the hands of thousands of generations of Aboriginal people that can be seen everywhere and somehow felt…

And there it was, after countless bumps, hills and soft sand- Gardiner Point- standing tall with a plaque. It read: “The Edge of the World”. We had made it! What a great place to take a world’s end photo, right to the end surrounded by tree trunks pushed from the force of the rivers down to the coastline. We were happy to see this plaque! We were stoked to have completed this stretch of wild coastline, not losing Lucy to quicksand or some other terrible fate! Our family remained in good condition and ready for the next adventure!

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