Walking along Coolangatta

A set is approaching. You know you are caught inside. Paddling hard now, focusing on breathing, I lean foward, push it down hard and…. Damn! An all new set is about to come…

At first sight, main street Coolangatta (“Cooly”) doesn’t stricke me as any different from any coastal town but like a duck dive when you are in the famous beaches, you need to look a little further.

A perfect wave, all liquid diamonds and a cool cocktail of blue-green dreams seems to peel right, for what seems an eternity.. And Greenmount (the end of Cooly) is just the beginning. We stop for a fresh juice from the Fresh Garden Cafe. the favourite amongst locals.

You can ride your skateboard along the beach around this superb point to Rainbow Bay and make it up the hill for another stop at D’bah Cafe. This is magically set on top of the hill, perfectly set to view either Snapper Rocks down to the left or Durnbah to the right. It’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee before deciding which of these two great spots you want to paddle out to.

View from Kirra Hill

View from Kirra Hill


There are a number of great little spots hidden in this area- some obvious and others less so. The people in the cafes and streets along this stretch are always happy to stop and have a chat.

Finish the day with a sunset session at Komune. This place has the Cool Factor. Sitting on the deck next to the pool sorrounded by palm trees and a cold drink. It’s a great spot for all sorts of travellers and surfers and great way to finish your day.


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