We drove for more than 600 km without seeing much other than views that would take your breath away. Beautiful small villages popped up on the way and made me wonder what do these people do out here?! We croosed the border of Queensland to NSW and the scenary changed as we drove further south. From green paddocks we started to see endless yellow/ brownish ones, there’s sheep everywhere and instead of seing kangaroos on the side of the road, now we see wombats. We are at the newell hwy and while paul was having a powernap i randomly looked to the left while driving and…. I just saw a bloody big dish in the middle of a paddock of cows… Now that thing reminded me straight way of a movie called Field of Dreams… We called in to have a look but i didn’t want to stay long in this area! It’s a little weird to have a massive satellite dish in the middle of the bush… The next town is Forbes and then on to the capital of Australia- Canberra!


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