The Dingoes of Fraser Island


Dingoes in Fraser Island

Dingoes in Fraser Island

They are wild. They are pure. But their co existence with Humans is challenging. The dingoes of Fraser Island are an iconic Australian animal.

In fact dingoes are an integral part of Fraser’s unique environment and their significant conservation value is due to their top position of predator on the island, vital to maintain the health and balance of the ecosystem. Because of it’s isolation from the mainland, the dingo is also genetically unique and non modified because of it’s isolation from the mainland.

Dingoes are also one of Fraser Island’s main attractions as they roam freely… I was surprised (and a bit sad) to have not seen any…Please note the photo above was taken last year in North Queensland.

People and dingoes co-exist on the island and there are constant reminders to not feed the dingoes and being wild animals.

Andrew, a tour guide, assured me the environmental impact of tourism and the strategies to maintain a sustainable dingo population are constantly under scrutiny. However, locals are concerned about the number of dingoes being culled each year… The challenge remains between managing the benefits of tourists, or managing the tourists’ curiosity to feed and interact with a wild animal and the benefits and preservation of the wildlife.

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