There are hundreds of butterflies in the air. Hundreds of blue butterflies all around the coast. It’s quite magical to ride along and witness so many butterflies fluttering about. We have been spotting them everywhere, even on the beach.

We have also collected some dead ones. We wanted to find out more about them.

Time For Some Research

The Blue Tigers (Tirumala hamata) are one of the longest living species of butterflies, often surviving for up to 6 months.

Noah was pleased to find out the reason for “our” dead butterflies dying was old age. Older butterflies are recognisable by their faded wings with frayed edges. And after a good look, we were sure our butterflies had faded wings!

“they were so very old and their wings stopped working and they died!”

The Blue Tiger Butterlis are migrating. In drought times the adults tend to stay in large numbers along creek-beds in north-eastern Queensland. Then after rain in spring and summer they disperse and migrate south down the coast searching for new foliage.

  • How do we know if it’s a boy or a girl?
  • What do they eat?
  • How many legs?
  • How many antlers?

They are the longest-lived of all species. They feed mostly on toxic plants, fly slowly and spend long periods resting in sheltered areas during winter.

Their pupa is fresh green and shiny with some golden spots.

Blue Tiger Butterflies can sometimes migrate from North Queensland to northern NSW, up to 2000km, and have been reported to migrate north at the end of March and April. You can see clouds of them flying right along the coastline right now.

Sharing Information is Important

It’s important to share information with others. Noah often asks me to write notes to his dad, grandma and friends about things he finds out.

Researching about the blue tiger butterfly was important for us so we could understand why we get so many of these butterflies in our area.

Noah wanted to share this with his dad. We drew a butterfly and asked me to write up the words of some of the facts about the blue tigger butterflies.

Paul loves coming home and finding out what we have been up to (we usually do a quick mind map). It’s a great way for Paul to feel part of our day and for Noah to share some of his experiences with his dad.

But There’s Not Just Blue Tigers Around…

It’s not just Blue Tiger Butterflies around, there are so many more. We are finding butterflies everywhere and it’s always a pleasure to see the different colours and sizes.

This post is part of our Wonder School adventure.

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