Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

From climbing mountains, to dropping into hidden rainforest valleys and crossing rivers before spotting native animals.

Australia is a celebration of being outdoors!

The vegetation is superb!

Trekking, hiking, tramping that’s what you do overseas – here we bushwalk!

The Blue Mountains National Park is a bushwalkers’ paradise. There are cliff-top hikes, strenuous, vertigo-inducing climbs, and serene strolls through  statuesque eucalyptus to keep you coming back for more. That’s what happened to us!

You need plenty of time here. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of days… We gazed at the spectacular views from many lookouts and walked cliff top paths. In our short time, the highlights we had included Leura Cascades, Katoomba Falls and cascades and of course the much photograph Three Sisters at Echo Point in Katoomba.

damp canyons

It was not hard to understand how this area is part of the World Heritage Area – the park landscapes range from exposed, windswept plates and ridges to cool, damp canyons and deep gorges. So dust off your daypack, pull on your boots and get ready to read about some of these places over the next few days.

the three sisters

the three sisters

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