The Best Surfing and Skating Spots on the Gold Coast, Queensland


Australia’s Gold Coast seems to have it all: aesthetic beauty, warm weather and a fun-loving population who love nothing more than to surf and skate. Luckily, the Gold Coast in Queensland is home to more skate parks and surfing spots than any other region in Australia, so if you’re fanatic about either of these sports, then this is the place to visit.

Before you set off for the Gold Coast, it’s important to update your gear. Both surfing and skating are taken seriously in this region, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment and clothing. If you’re hoping to impress with your stunt scooter skills, then Apex is an Australian brand, which has the reputation as the Rolls Royce of scooter brands, making it ideal for the most serious of skaters, including pro riders from around the world. You can check out their collection at Billabong, Riptide and Quicksilver are all popular brands for surfers in Australia, all of which you can find online or in retail stores around the world.

Whether you arrive on the Gold Coast with a surfboard or a skateboard under your arm, here are three of the best spots to showcase your skills.


Ormeau Skatepark

This skate park is one of the newest in the city of Gold Coast, making it a hot spot for budding skaters. Ormeau’s old skate ramps were always very popular among the young population of the city, but they were recently demolished to make way for a vibrant new facility where young people can skate and socialise for free. Expect to make lots of new friends and be able to show off your skills on banks, ledges, hips, stairs, ledges, rails and more. Bear in mind that the skate park is connected to Ormeau’s youth and community centre, so it gets busy outside of school hours.

Rainbow Bay

The beach at Rainbow Bay is a popular spot for beginners as well as intermediate surfers and families. The beach is patrolled all year round, and there is a sheltered swimming area close to the shore that’s perfect for smaller children. The spot is made up of three points that create one of the longest right-handers in the world, making it ideal for serious surfers as well as those who are new to the sport. After riding the idyllic waves, you can enjoy a stroll along the coastal boardwalk to the Point Danger viewing platform, where you can see humpback whales from May to November. There are also plenty of eateries surrounding the beach where you can whet your appetite after a long session at sea. 

Gold Coast Compound

The Gold Coast Compound is a dynamic indoor skate park that is just as entertaining for spectators as it is for participants, so if you don’t feel like trying out the ramps right away, then you can watch the local talent demonstrate their BMX and inline skate skills. You can also book private lessons here to boost your performance or hire the venue for parties and group sessions.

Whether you love riding the waves or you long to practice your skate tricks in Australia’s most infamous skating facilities, the Gold Coast has something for athletes of all disciplines and abilities

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